Custom Photo Print Boxes: Fun Branding Idea for Your Professional Photographers

Apr 3, 2024

Dazzle your clients with a luxurious photo print box from Lux Heirloom for professional photographers. Add a custom engraving of a logo for a classy branding strategy!

Glass Photo Boxes for Professional Photographers

Are you looking for packaging ideas to dazzle your clients and brand your professional photography business? Then, Luxury Heirloom has just what you need: luxurious glass boxes made for photo prints!

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Lux Heirloom specializes in bespoke packaging for professional photographers and now has a selection of glass boxes in gold, rose gold, and black finishes. You can customize the boxes with laser engravings of a company logo or a personalized message.

Effortless Branding

If you're a professional photographer looking to improve your branding with luxury packaging, these boxes are the perfect ready-to-order option to make the delivery part of the customer experience.

"Over the years, we've seen some great photo packaging options and many not-so-good ones," a spokesperson for the company said. "We decided to carefully curate our collections and let other photographers know about it. 'It's busy being a professional photographer' is an understatement; we hope what we are offering could help you save time and make you look even more amazing to your clients!"

Customized Glass Boxes 

The glass boxes are available 4x6x1.5 inches in size and fit up to 120 4x6-inch prints, with the option to order a matching or walnut USB. The boxes have a small slide lock to keep the prints safe from small children and pets. You can upload personal artwork as part of your branding or a client's name and the date of the special event, and Lux Heirloom will have it laser engraved on the front. The sleek, timeless style of the boxes makes them fit in any home as a unique decoration on a coffee table, for example.

Get Your Own Custom Die for Linen and Velvet Boxes

The print boxes are also available in linen and velvet, and if you're planning on making Lux Heirloom's products part of your concept, you can have a custom die made. Lux Heirloom will help fit your logo or artwork for high-quality results and keep the dies in the shop for faster delivery. To add a personal touch to the digital prints, you can also add artwork or names to the USB drives.

About Lux Heirloom

The company was founded by wedding photographers with over 13 years of experience in the industry. The packaging options were designed to give other photographers a simple way to brand themselves and upsell their products, but they also offer products for displaying jewelry and other important objects.

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