Custom Adaptive Access Management & Backend Security | Best Azure Consultant

Mar 17, 2023

Azure IAM has further expanded its arsenal of powerful cloud security and access management solutions with new options to help data brokers stay secure and hack-proof.

Custom Adaptive Access Management & Backend Security | Best Azure Consultant

Renowned mathematician Clive Humby was once quoted as having said "Data is the new oil. While valuable, it is useless on its own. It must be carefully processed to be useful."

In the time since those words were spoken, the message has only grown more potent. Processed data is the ultimate prize for the savvy hacker, and these individuals will do nearly anything to get it. If you are at all involved in the data industry, you are keenly aware of the ever-present threat posed by cyberattacks. You are also probably always looking to increase the capabilities of your cyber security systems in order to keep up in the constant virtual arms race.

Azure IAM knows this struggle better than almost anyone, and they have designed entirely new ways to stay ahead in the war to keep your valuable data safe. Their consultancy service is now able to build custom, scalable cloud security and access management systems tailored exactly to your needs in the data processing industry.

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As part of their consulting service, the company can help your organization implement a number of new technologies from Microsoft and SailPoint, allowing you to incorporate them into your cloud security infrastructure. The systems that the company’s security architects can assemble with these technologies are designed to be easy to use while still providing top-of-the-line resistance to all forms of cyber attack.

They can also provide access to technology from Auth0 including OpenID and OAuth 2.0, both of which can be used to simplify and streamline the security operations of your network. These tools can be useful in increasing accessibility and consolidating digital identities, both of which are essential to Azure IAM’s goals in the creation of any cybersecurity system.

Azure IAM can build scalable, reactive cloud security infrastructure using reliable, trusted software options. As a Microsoft partner, the company has access to technologies such as Yubikey and Authenticator alongside a wide variety of firewall options, each of which can be tailored to a business’s specific needs.

Additionally, it is now easier than ever for Azure IAM’s team to implement passwordless login and automated authentication features on your network, making that network not only more secure but also easier to use internally. These tools, combined with Azure technology such as the Active Directory platform, ensure that these access management systems are easy to use and highly secure.

Azure IAM wants to help you defend the data that so much of the world relies on, and that you have been tasked with protecting. With so much on the line, you need the most powerful security available, and their consulting service can help you make that happen.

Azure IAM has already provided hundreds of companies and organizations with adaptable, modern cloud security infrastructure. Their team of dedicated professionals has over 70 years of combined experience in the security and access management industries, and is certified to implement Microsoft cybersecurity solutions.

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