Current Real Estate Housing Market in Q2 2024 & Tips for Finding Buyer’s Agents

Jul 9, 2024

Become a smart homebuyer with Skyfor, Inc. dba National Buyers Agents Association! You can now watch a video summarizing the current real estate market, get expert tips, and find the perfect buyer’s agent for you!

New Video on the Current Housing Market

Are you looking to buy a new home and feel lost on what's happening on the market and who to consult? Then, the National Buyers Agents Association (NBAA) is here to guide you! This association has gathered everything you need to know about the current real estate market in a short video.

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The association also has videos with tips on how to find a reputable buyer's agent and what you should think about when buying a home in 2024.

Become an Informed Buyer

In the new video aimed at prospective buyers, NBAA covers key statistics from Q2 of 2024. The video gives you insights into the current state of the housing market, helping you make informed decisions.

"The American dream of homeownership remains alive, but navigating the 2024 housing market can feel like a complicated maze," a spokesperson for the company said. "While some experts predicted a housing market crash, that hasn't materialized. Instead, we're seeing a continuation of trends from 2023: persistent affordability challenges for buyers and a dynamic market with regional variations."

2024 Real Estate Market Insights for Homebuyers

In the new video on the national housing market in 2024, buyers can learn how the continuation of supply shortages causes home prices to rise. Despite this, a third of homes for sale are advertised as new construction, up from the typical 13%. And while the increase in home prices and current mortgage rates have made it a difficult market, especially for first-time homebuyers, experts say that persistent buyers are starting to gain leverage, with more sellers offering concessions, including helping with closing costs and repair costs.

Local Housing Markets

On NBAA's YouTube channel, you can find plenty of homebuying resources, including 50 new state-by-state videos with updates from the second quarter of 2024. There are also interviews with some of the top member agents in different states who share their insights.

If you're ready to view properties, you can request a no-obligation list of members of NBAA in your area based on the type of property and price range you're looking for. The association also offers unbiased education on the home buying process and can explain in-depth the benefits of working with a buyer's agent. >>Find the best agents in your state at:

A client shared their experience: "The service offered me several referrals, and I was able to choose one that was excellent in terms of working with me to identify and buy a suitable home. This is the way to locate a qualified buyer's agent."

About NBAA

Skyfor, Inc. dba National Buyers Agents Association was founded in 1998 by Kathleen Chiras, a licensed real estate broker since 1994.

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