Cryptocurrency As A Payment Method – Guide For New York City Small Businesses

Jun 2, 2022

A growing number of businesses are starting to accept crypto payments from customers. If you’re wondering how to do the same for your business, read New York City marketing and small business expert Scott Hall’s latest report for tips.

Cryptocurrency As A Payment Method - Guide For New York City Small Businesses

If you’re a business owner, you’ve no doubt noticed the corporate world is evolving at a rapid pace. With new technologies constantly bursting onto the scene it’s not only difficult to keep up, it can also be a challenge to decide which technologies you should adopt and which you can leave for a predictable flameout.

One new advancement that can’t be ignored is crypto.

If you’ve remained on the sidelines with this one, a report published by business expert Scott Hall can help you decide if accepting crypto payments is a necessary next step in the evolution of your business.

“How to Accept Crypto Payments as a Business” introduces you to the benefits cryptocurrency offers, and to the process of setting yourself up to accept crypto payments.

You can access the full report at

Unlike traditional currencies, crypto payments allow you and your customers to avoid all those annoying fees that accompany conventional payment systems. Learn why cryptocurrency is a beneficial form of payment and what you’d need to consider if you’re ready to set up and implement this payment tool.

Did you know that a survey of small business owners revealed 50% said the use of crypto by other innovative companies was what persuaded them to adopt the currency? As well, 35% of these same respondents said they adopted the payment tool to stay competitive and meet customer expectations.

In his report, Scott Hall acknowledges cryptocurrency can seem complicated and intimidating at first, but with experience, you’ll find it simple to use, easy to understand, and convenient.

Cryptocurrency has a long list of benefits. It helps you extend your global reach and enjoy better security. You get faster payment processing with lower fees, and there are no pricey chargeback fees that otherwise eat into your revenues.

The report helps you assess whether crypto is the right choice for your business with points that include your tax and accounting considerations, cash conversion options, and operational learning curves. It also explains how you can begin receiving cryptocurrency payments, including information about the three primary wallet selections you have at your disposal for storing, transferring, and redeeming currency for your business and personal use.

Services that help businesses accept crypto payments, such as BitPay, CoinBase Commerce, CoinPayments, GoCoin, PayPal, and TripleA are all listed and explained.

As a business writer, Scott Hall covers digital content marketing and SaaS scaling platforms for entrepreneurs and small businesses. He also manages enterprise software (Search/AI/ML) accounts in the financial services sector. His book ‘The Blog Ahead’ was published in 2006.

With the release of his recent report, Scott Hall is demystifying the use of cryptocurrency for business to help you understand this ever-growing payment tool so you can decide if it’s time to add crypto to your operations as an accepted form of payment.

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