Crypto Marketing Service Launched by LCXwire Has 5 Surprising Facts

Aug 13, 2022

LCXwire shares 5 marketing facts most marketing companies don’t want you to know. Discover the facts about the just launched Crypto Marketing Service for Crypto, NFT and DeFi Projects. Find the key to marketing success at

Crypto Marketing Service Launched by LCXwire Has 5 Surprising Facts

With the launch of its new Crypto Marketing Service, LCXwire is sharing 5 facts that marketing companies don't want you to know for crypto marketing. The innovative Crypto Marketing Service went live on August 10th, 2022, and fans and consumers within the Cryptocurrency space will find the new service economical and effective.

The 5 secrets include:

1) understand crypto audiences remain suspicious of conventional advertising,

2) the cryptocurrency industry is more likely to target audiences with advertising from contextual advertising networks,

3) crypto audiences are looking for contextualized messaging that is relevant to what they are viewing, is honest and do not track them,

4) the messaging must take into account specific crypto market segments and the events that continue to shape the blockchain ecosystem, and

5) despite easing or eliminating prior ad restrictions, paid platforms like Facebook and Google remain secondary to several alternatives.

The idea for creating the Crypto Marketing Service came about after discovering many Crypto, DeFi and NFT Projects have been asking, "how do I promote my crypto project" and it became evident that an innovative crypto marketing service was needed. Deciding to build on an existing crypto news distribution expertise and our network of 75+ Google News Approved crypto news sites with highly specialized, pin-point targeted crypto audiences...

The Crypto Marketing Service has actually been in development for twelve months and had a team of subject matter experts in amplification content strategy working on it, which is considered small by industry standards. This goes to show a small team that has a great understanding of market needs can make a huge impact on the crypto marketing industry.

LCXwire almost wasn't able to bring the Crypto Marketing Service to see the light of day, when the complexities of developing and implementing the number of moving parts of our exceptional service almost seemed insurmountable. The problem was overcome by examining the various challenges, developing appropriate strategies and then training the team to understand the process.

LCXwire has done something different compared to other businesses in the Cryptocurrency space, by being a part of an established 75+ Google News Approved crypto news sites with highly specialized, pin-point targeted crypto audiences and partnering with one of the leading content marketing company's in the world. Each of the sites in our crypto mega network are independently owned, trusted authorities, approved and published daily in Google News.

The Crypto Marketing Service will be released as part of LCXwire's greater plans to provide the crypto, NFT and DeFi projects that want to excel in their crypto niche with the opportunity to find, connect and successfully market to their specific crypto audience. It's hoped this goal will be achieved by in immediate future

LCXwire got it's start when Founder Mal Packer noticed a growing need for exposure to a specific crypto target audience As every digital marketer and Crypto, DeFi or NFT Project Team knows, your project needs visibility where your potential customers are looking, and we all know they are looking on the web. They are using Google search, and other search services to find information about your project, or other projects that they see as an opportunity for investment or exploration of specific services. We’ll identify the highest impact opportunities for your project to make sure you get seen, get heard, win trust and make sure your project gets the recognition it deserves.

Mal Packer is quoted saying: "We like to do things to connect with our readers and customers. Things like publishing content that is highly specialized and pin-point targeted to specific crypto niche audiences, and releasing these little factoids with our Crypto Marketing Service launch are what make a difference."

LCXwire's Crypto Marketing Service launched on August 10th, 2022. To find out more about LCXwire and the new service, it's possible to visit

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