Cryoskin Treatment In Fairfax: Get Rid Of Belly Fat With Safe Cold Therapy

Sep 13, 2023

Can’t shift that unwanted weight? Want to get a headstart without a crazy restrictive diet or surgery? Talk to Gentle Wellness Center about its Cryoskin slimming and toning treatments. Blast that blubber with no downtime! 703-996-3999

Want to shed some of those stubborn inches this year? If you're looking for a non-invasive alternative to surgery, look no further than the Cryoskin treatments available at Gentle Wellness Center!

The leading med spa and aesthetic clinic based in Fairfax, VA boasts a range of innovative body reshaping treatments. Interested? Read on!

Cryoskin therapy is a fast-acting way to stimulate your body's natural metabolism of fat cells. This painless procedure has proved to be an effective alternative to Botox and can also boost collagen production.

Freeze that fat and shape up the easy way with Cryosekin at Gentle Wellness Center. More details at

As a Gentle Wellness client, you'll get access to the most innovative therapies and medical technology in the Fairfax area. With Cryoskin's ability to reduce your body mass and remove cellulite, the treatment gives you a powerful body contouring option with minimal recovery time.

Cryoskin uses advanced cooling technology to freeze and then destroy fat cells. The approach can be used for facial procedures as well as for your stomach, arms, and thighs. The cooling phase is preceded by a period of heating of the skin before temperatures of around - 8 degrees are applied to the target areas.

The Gentle Wellness team offers two forms of Cryoskin treatments. CryoSlimming® encourages your lymphatic system to release more fat cells and alternates both hot and cold temperatures to achieve this. CryoToning® utilizes cold massage to lift and smooth your skin while softening the appearance of blemishes and improving overall texture.

If you're interested in a facial treatment, Cryofacial works by widening blood vessels in the face. This vasodilation increases blood flow and stimulates collagen production, increasing definition while smoothing out wrinkles and reducing those pesky fine lines that develop as you age.

You can book a consultation with the team to discuss which procedure is right for you. In addition to its Cryoskin offerings, Gentle Wellness Center also provides HydraFacials, Morpheus8, hair restoration, and micro-needling procedures.

Pop along and say hi at the center. The spa is located at 12011 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway. As well as in-person services, Nationwide virtual consultations are available as well as in-person treatments.

A spokesperson says, “Cryoskin is able to reduce inches, smooth skin, and tighten and tone the face without recovery or downtime in just 20-44 minutes per session. Our services can be used for both the face and the body. Regularly scheduled Cryoskin appointments can help keep your figure.”

For more info, go to or call 703-996-3999.

Get the body shape you want without surgery. Visit Gentle Wellness Center today!

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