Crossbite, Overbite & Underbite Treatment Mesa AZ

Sep 21, 2021

Snow Family Dentistry in Mesa, Arizona, for Crossbite, Overbite & Underbite with Invisalign! Contact them today at +1-480-982-7289.

If you’re looking for a method that will discreetly straighten your smile, Snow Family Dentistry in Mesa AZ can help. The practice is dedicated to helping patients smile confidently by correcting dental issues such as crossbite, underbite, overbite, gaps, crooked teeth, and spaces.

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The team at Snow Family Dentistry use Invisalign to straighten and position teeth according to your needs. Their updated services ensure that you achieve the smile you want and improve your self-esteem and confidence.

For patients looking for a more comfortable and less noticeable alternative to metallic braces, Invisalign could be an excellent option. Invisalign clear aligners are made of a see-through material and specifically designed to fit snugly over your teeth. This makes them very discrete and unlikely to be spotted by others.

Dr. Dallin Snow and his dedicated staff can help you choose the best solution to optimize your smile. If you are a good fit for Invisalign, the team will create 3D models of your teeth, thus ensuring a precise fit.

Each aligner tray will be worn for approximately two weeks. At the end of two weeks, you will switch to the next tray in the series. Generally, you will need to visit the dentist less often, usually only once every six to eight weeks.

Although the full cost of Invisalign varies depending on the patient’s needs, you can anticipate that it will cost somewhere between $3,000 to $7,000. At Snow Family Dentistry, the cost covers both the treatment and the consultation.

The practice has been serving patients in the Mesa, Arizona, area for more than 40 years. In addition to orthodontic treatments, they also offer restorative and preventative dental services, as well as emergency care and whole family dentistry solutions.

A satisfied patient said: “I am so pleased with Snow Family dentistry. Dr. Snow and Ilxys are amazing and they make you feel comfortable throughout your dental treatment. They even have massage chairs in the back if you get there too early. I highly recommend this office to anyone in the East Valley.”

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