Creative Uses For Shipping Containers In LA: Design Pop-Up Shops, Restaurants

Jun 6, 2024

When is a shipping container not a shipping container? When it turns into a Starbucks. Learn more about the creative uses for shipping containers when you partner with Conexwest (855 878-5233), renters and retailers of storage and shipping containers in LA!

Did you know that the newest Starbucks in Chicago is made from shipping containers? This innovative structure just goes to show what a little 'out of the box' thinking can lead to when seeking cost-effective and sustainable solutions to standard commercial challenges.

No one knows more about the creative uses for shipping containers that go beyond storage than industry suppliers Conexwest. For businesses, entrepreneurs, and residents in LA, Conexwest is here to help you meet your retail, inventory, housing, or warehousing needs by helping you modify just the right shipping container.

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With a range of adaptable storage containers for rent or purchase and an onsite fabrication facility, Conexwest can help you modify a durable, portable container to meet your goals in a more streamlined and cost-effective way.

As experts in the industry, Conexwest says that from tiny homes to pop-up shops and restaurants, schools, workshops, and galleries, shipping containers are incredibly versatile and can serve several purposes.

Pro tip: With the soaring cost of commercial real estate, shipping containers are a budget-friendly, easily accessible alternative to the conventional structures most people think of to resolve their need for extra space.

A spokesperson for Conexwest explains:

“We use a highly developed vertically integrated business model that allows us to both fabricate and modify our shipping containers onsite. This means we can pass extra savings on to our customers, and we enjoy full quality control. We provide the guidance and expertise business owners and consumers can rely on when they’re looking for the best shipping containers to meet their needs.”


The shipping container inventory at Conexwest is vast. Containers come in a range of sizes, with accessories and conveniences that can include side openings, open tops, end-to-end openings, and more.

Leak-proof and able to act as a barrier to external heat and cold, containers can instantly create additional temporary space without the need to invest in off-site warehousing, and can act as a blank canvas for retail, restaurant, or gallery styling.


In addition to versatility, their steel construction makes them environmentally friendly and inherently secure. If you're planning to repurpose your shipping container to create an apartment, student housing, or a micro-hotel, shipping containers from Conexwest can last for years without the need for repairs.

With their adaptability and durability, shipping containers offer practical solutions for various needs, providing a sustainable and economical alternative to traditional construction.

Do you have a project in mind that was previously cost-prohibitive? Could a shipping container be modified to meet your goals? Speak with a representative at Conexwest to find a cool and cost-effective solution to your entrepreneurial pursuits. Find out more at

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