Create Realistic AI Clones With AIDuals: Top 2024 App For Marketing Agencies

May 31, 2024

Ever felt like you need an extra pair of hands for marketing and customer interaction? With the AIDuals app, you can create a powerful AI-driven clone that matches the tone and style of your communications with just a couple of clicks!

Ever wished there was more than one of you? Running a business often means you need to be doing a hundred different things at once but what if there was an app that could help you do just that?

Check out Abhi Dwivedi's new AI-powered cloning app: - AIDuals is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses just like yours.

AIDuals, which is available from May 28th, 2024, and released in conjunction with MunchEye, provides you with a way to automate your workload. The software manages all digital tasks via an AI clone that is based on your unique communication style, adding a more personal and realistic touch to machine-driven interactions.

Simple Setup

The clone is designed to handle all manner of tasks – from customer communications to lead nurturing and social media management. Setup is simple and it takes just a few clicks to ready the AI clone for deployment, giving you access to a fully functional, autonomous digital marketing agency.

A New Kind Of Interaction

AIDuals is designed as an all-round digital helper that talks, acts, and writes just like you. Tasks are managed by a 3D character – again based on you– that creates a more realistic and interactive experience for your customers and website visitors. With an upper limit of 100 clones per license, you can create and deploy an entire team if you wish.

Natural Language Processing

The software works by first gathering communication data including emails, texts, social media posts, and voice recordings. This allows the AI to capture your unique interaction style and mannerisms via Natural Language Processing (NLP), creating an accurate representation of your language, tone of speech or text, and any specific communication quirks.

Animated Characters

The 3D animated character runs in parallel with the text and voice cloning, capturing gestures and expressions that match the content of communications. You can select templates that can be customized to help build a suitable avatar. The clone can then be integrated into your websites, apps, and any other type of digital marketing channel.

Why not join the AIDuals network and incorporate this amazing technology into your own service offerings?

A spokesperson says, “Unlock the potential to monetize your AI interactions by leveraging AIDuals with a Commercial Usage License. This allows you to operate a digital business, offering AI-driven services to clients under your own brand.”

Experience the next generation of AI with AIDuals!

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