Create Press Releases In Minutes With AI Content Writing Software: Pay Just $47

Dec 16, 2023

Press releases have long been a staple of big corporations with ample marketing budgets. This December, Joshua Zamora is making PR writing simple and easy for small business owners with his AI-powered press release writing and distribution software PR Scribe!

If your business is too small to afford the luxury of hiring a professional PR writer who understands your target audience, is well-versed in your industry, and has exhibited skill in communicating sharp, clear messaging that sparks attention, you need PR Scribe! With this software, now up for grabs for just $47, you will be creating humanlike content on autopilot! You don't have to worry about distribution either, because, by adopting this tool, you will also have your press releases promoted across an exclusive network of 10 reputable, high-traffic news sites!

The content marketing and SEO tool, developed by Joshua Zamora and made available to the public on December 14, 2023, streamlines press release writing for small business owners like yourself, helping you optimize your search engine rankings without the need to outsource this process or keep a marketing team in-house.

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Create Human-Like, Engaging Content In Minutes

PR Scribe has been developed to simplify a process that has generally been overly burdensome. Combining AI technology with press releases' potential to reach a broader audience than content promoted through other marketing channels, you can use PR Scribe as a "done for you" content creation and distribution platform to promote your products or services on high-authority mediums.

"Our AI Writer will write you perfect, human-like, ready-to-publish Press Releases in a matter of minutes," the developer says.

Press Releases: Secret Weapon for Effective Outreach & Brand Positioning

With one in five journalists considering press releases the most trustworthy source of information, according to Cision's 2023 State of the Media Report, PR Scribe provides you with an affordable opportunity to gain media coverage, boosting your business' credibility as a result.

"Press releases are notoriously known for being expensive and complicated to get going, but thanks to our platform, we have simplified that process to level the playing field so that anyone can leverage the power of press releases to get fast page-one rankings," Joshua Zamora says.

Exclusive, Limited-Time Bonuses - Get Them Now!

In addition to US businesses, PR Scribe can also be used by international entrepreneurs looking to establish their brand in their local markets as the software comes with a Language Kit for free, which allows them to generate press releases in their local language. As a bonus, you will also obtain rights to offer PR Scribe as a service to your clients, gain access to SyndLab, a web-based app that automates video and blog post syndication across social media platforms, and get an AI ReWriter integration.

Joshua Zamor also invites you to attend a live demo session for PR Scribe where he will share more details about the tool and you will see the software in action. Don't miss your chance to grab your limited-time discount to access the app for 70% off!

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