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Feb 15, 2024

CourseMateAi by Eric Holmlund is the ideal tool if you’re looking to join the creator economy and start building an e-learning business!

Do you ever watch YouTubers creating courses on productivity, filmmaking, or stoicism and think that should be me? Of course you do – because if they can do it, why not you? Now, thanks to CourseMateAi by Eric Holmlund, it's easier than ever to create an online course or even a full online learning platform to rival Udemy!

Create courses in seconds at

E-learning platforms done for you

CourseMateAi comes with a 1-click niche academy setup across fields like health, cooking, internet marketing, and more - or you can make your own done-for-you courses based on topics you're an expert in, which allows you to grow a business based on passions and interests, and join the fast-growing creator economy.

According to WPBeginner, there are now over 45 million professional content creators worldwide, driven in large part by the growth of e-learning - which is up nearly 900% since 2000. CourseMateAi aims to expand access to e-learning by making course and content creation simpler.

From e-books to presentations

You can generate customized learning materials including presentations, quizzes, and instructional videos - and the AI tool will create all the content, while still allowing for human adjustment. As such, the software helps you achieve huge time savings while creating professional-level courses, ebooks, or flipbooks without design or video editing experience.

Full-scale academy setup is the primary focus of CourseMateAi: the software handles all the required functionality for an online learning platform, from membership management to payment processing. Generated sites are optimized for mobile devices, which is key for reaching today's on-the-go learners, and the software also streamlines search engine optimization, banner advertising, and customer review collection to attract and engage new students.

Launch your first course in 1 click

Supporting students throughout their journey is a full-featured help desk system, allowing 24/7 messaging, so you can answer questions and resolve any issues.

A spokesperson states: “Are you looking to join the creator economy and get started with your own courses or training? This AI app creates profitable e-learning platforms in a click, with pro-level courses, eBooks, flipbooks, training videos, and more - all in seconds.”

With this app, you have everything you need to build your online creator, coaching, or teaching business.

Check out to discover all the key features – and get to work building your e-learning empire!

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