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Feb 2, 2024

AI Profit Sync Challenge by Simon Warner is a short, value-packed program that gives you everything you need to join the creator economy!

So you want to be a content creator – and you've spent hours procrastinating on YouTube. Now, it's time to build your course and start selling to an audience of raving fans. But what should you talk about? With AI Profit Sync Challenge by Simon Warner, you get expert help from the ground up and can use powerful AI tools to create your course!

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Turn your skills into dollar bills

The goal is to help you build your dream course in five days, while also making sure the course itself targets real-world problems so that it has a built-in audience of ready-to-buy customers.

According to Statista, the global e-learning market size is on pace to exceed $185 billion in 2024. Industry analysts project massive further growth in coming years as more students opt for remote and self-paced learning.

Get your course built quickly

The AI Profit Sync Challenge allows you to tap into this space, with expert-led training and a range of tools and assets. The first day is dedicated to identifying profitable niches and creating ideal customer outcomes using The Niche Finder and The Dream Outcome tools. The Avatar Builder also helps you build empathy and target specific demographics.

Day two unveils the Idea Generator and Pain Pinpointer tools so you can narrow down your most compelling course focus out of multiple options. You can also access the proven 10 PGB Method, which guides you through step-by-step topic selection tailored to current market needs.

Master email marketing & lead magnets

On the third day, Simon Warner demonstrates proven techniques for developing polished lessons and converting them into professional slide decks, voiceover narration scripts, eBooks, and more. You can also create sleek 3D graphics to promote their new program.

The final modules cover high-converting sales copywriting, targeted email sequences, and hands-off course delivery systems - so you acquire all the skills needed to launch and run an automated online course business.

Hit the ground running

A spokesperson states: “One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is going straight to building the course they always wanted to create. Before you create anything, you need to be sure you know what people want to buy so the time you invest actually pays off.”

The best thing about online course creation is you can build a business around the stuff you enjoy.

Check out and start monetizing your passions!

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