Create Custom White Gold Diamond Engagement Rings With Financing In Waco

Jul 26, 2023

Call Di’Amore Fine Jewelers (254-776-9877) today and ask about their custom white gold engagement and wedding rings. Special financing options are available!

Are you planning to pop the question, and you want to make the ring extra special and unique? Contact Di’Amore Fine Jewelers and choose from a wide selection of gemstones and ring settings to create a custom piece that will truly show your love.

If you have your own stones, family heirlooms, or special elements that you want to incorporate into the ring, you can! The expert jewelers will help you conceptualize the perfect ring at no additional cost.

Create the perfect ring today! Visit to get started!

Engagement rings may change in style, but Di’Amore Fine Jewelers believes that presenting one when you propose to your partner is a tradition that has withstood the test of time. In more than 30 years in the business, the company has seen various trends come and go, and they have adapted to this by giving you full control over how your rings are to be made.

They offer a wide selection of stones - from the most flawless mined and lab-grown diamonds to colorful birthstones like sapphire, ruby, and peridot. Di’Amore Fine Jewelers starts each project with custom designing, followed by 3D modeling and production. They guide you every step of the way to ensure you get the ring you envisioned.

If you choose diamonds, the staff and owner of Di’Amore Fine Jewelers are GIA-trained and can help you choose the best stone for your budget. Most important is to learn the four Cs - cut, color, clarity, carat weight - to truly appreciate the value of the diamond. Additionally, the jeweler will advise on what kind of ring is best for the size of the diamond you have chosen. Most rings can hold up to five carats, but larger diamonds, or those that are tension-set or bezel-set, need a specific type of ring to secure them.

“My fiancé and I have had a great experience working with Di’Amore to fine-tune the perfect engagement ring and our wedding bands. They kept us in the loop as we explored a few options and settled on my dream rings. It was a very pleasant experience working with them from start to finish. We can’t thank them enough,” a satisfied customer said.

Engagement rings are more than just pretty pieces of jewelry. They symbolize the undying and unconditional love you have for your partner. Take it a step further and make it a ring unlike anything else, with elements that are special for you as a couple.

Visit to know more about their custom engagement rings!

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