Create a Cheerful & Psychedelic Atmosphere With A Mushroom Wall Hanging Tapestry

Dec 29, 2022

Are you looking for an eye-catching wall tapestry to instantly improve the mood of your home? Do you want a splash of psychedelic color to illuminate your living space? Then Kingsy Store’s ‘Sobawuo Mushroom Wall Tapestry’ is just what you need!

Create a Cheerful & Psychedelic Atmosphere With A Mushroom Wall Hanging Tapestry

If you want to create a feeling of relaxed space in your home, you need a wall hanging that has a natural and calming theme. Online retailer Kingsy Store has just the thing with their neon-themed ‘Sobawuo Mushroom Wall Tapestry’ that is suitable for any room, any season.

The Sobawuo tapestry is reminiscent of Alice In Wonderland and features larger-than-life mushrooms in bright psychedelic neon colors.

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The psychedelic tapestry adds to the online retailer’s range of home decor tapestries which also features items presenting nature scenes, space illustrations, and tie-dye designs.

Wall hangings offer you a means of creating various themes and moods for your living spaces without the need to repaint or put up wallpaper. As wall hangings can be easily moved, they can also be used as temporary decorations for your special occasions and events. Kingsy Store’s extensive collection of tapestries gives you the chance to find a wall hanging to suit your personal taste.

The Sobawuo Mushroom Wall Tapestry incorporates advanced HD printing that brings out the design’s vivid neon colors and adds impactful highlights to its starry sky background. Additionally, the fabric is washable either by hand or on a gentle machine cycle, allowing you to easily maintain its eye-catching colors.

All of the tapestries included in the online retailer’s range are made of soft 100% lightweight polyester, making them ideal for use in bedrooms and living spaces. This durable fabric can also be used as a tablecloth, or for outside use as a picnic blanket or garden party decoration.

Founded in 2021, Kingsy Store offers features a wide variety of innovative products in areas such as home decor, gadgets, home office, computer accessories, fitness, and entertainment. Each item is researched by the retailer’s team before being added to the store, making it easier for customers to find quality gifts for both themselves, family members, and friends.

The online retailer currently offers free shipping throughout the US and secure payment options via Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Paypal. They also provide an after-sale support service should you need assistance with an order.

Find the perfect wall hanging to create a sense of wonder and mystery in your home with Kingsy Store’s Sobawuo Mushroom Wall Tapestry!

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