COVID-19 Tax Credit Application Guide: Maximize Employee Retention Financial Aid

Apr 3, 2024

ERC Echo has covered the ERC claims process in depth, helping you understand everything you need to know about the credit before the deadline passes in April!

If you’re anything like most small business owners, you’ll be baffled by anything related to the ERC program. But with the deadline now close enough to throw a stone at, it’s pretty much your last chance to act. If you want to claim the money you’re owed, this ERC Echo guide is for you!

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What happens if you miss the deadline?

ERC Echo explains what happens if you miss the impending deadline, noting that there will be no opportunity to claim once it passes. In order to act in compliance with the IRS, it's important to have a baseline understanding of what the ERC is, and what criteria you have to meet to be eligible to make a claim - which is why the guide covers the program in depth and answers common FAQs.

You need to act quickly

It's possible to claim for the impact of the pandemic in both 2020 and 2021, and even this long after the crisis, ERC Echo says it's still possible to apply. However, with the initial window now closing, it encourages you to take action quickly.

The guide aims to simplify the process by advising you on the next steps to take. It recommends gathering all necessary documentation, including payroll records and proof of business disruption, completing the appropriate forms, and ensuring accuracy to avoid delays in the claim process.

Work with CPAs

ERC Echo has partnered with ERTC Express, a reputable firm offering specialized services for the ERC program. Through this collaboration, you gain access to expert, fully-managed assistance for filing audit-proof claims backed by the expertise of three Certified Public Accountants, improving the chances of a successful claim.

Use it or lose it

A spokesperson states: “The deadline for the 2020 ERC is not just another date on the calendar. It’s the last opportunity for your business to recover funds that could make a substantial difference in your financial health. Consider this your final boarding call - missing this could mean leaving money on the table that you’re rightfully entitled to.”

Don’t let the deadline pass without claiming the money that should be yours!

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