Cost Optimization For Logistics Companies: Reduce Overheads, Utilities & Bills

Jan 3, 2024

Recession Resister has an innovative and comprehensive cost-cutting service that can help small and mid-sized logistics companies slash their operating costs.

If you’re seeing a tighter cost to profit ratio than ever, you’re not alone. With many challenges facing the logistics sector this year, Recession Resister believes they can take away some of your cost burdens.

With their game-changing expense savings tool, they can help your logistics company to lower your expenses, especially your core overhead costs like utilities and bills. 

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The Challenge of Low Logistics Profit Margins

As the latest data from IBIS World reflects, the average profit margin for logistics, freight forwarding and customs brokerage services in the US is currently sitting at around 3.5%. With the latest assessments from the Corporate Finance Institute showcasing that a 10% profit margin is now the cross-industry average—with a 20% margin considered good and a 5% margin considered low—Recession Resister has seen that many logistics companies need significant help to increase their profitability margins. If you’re one of them, luckily, help is now at hand.

While you may still remain at the mercy of high fuel prices, Recession Resister is confident that their expense savings tool can provide one part of the profit equation by significantly reducing some of your other major operating costs. 

Recession Resister’s Comprehensive Commercial Cost-Cutting Service

Their innovative program encompasses six key dimensions:

  1. Bill Auditing: to analyze your previous bills and look for overcharges and possible deductions
  2. Bill Negotiation: to lower your current provider rates
  3. Energy Auto Switching: to find the best possible providers and rates for you on an ongoing basis
  4. Energy Efficiency: to reduce your energy consumption with smart technologies
  5. Tax Savings: to bring you tax reduction and deduction opportunities
  6. Processing Fees: to cut your merchant and other bank fees 

Recession Resister calls this multi-pronged approach a comprehensive commercial cost-cutting service, and they believe that by targeting large expenses like energy and utilities, as well as your other monthly operating costs like telecommunications, they can reduce financial waste and help your company increase your financial efficiency

About Recession Resister

Recession Resister is a trusted financial sustainability firm that offers both private and commercial expense management expertise. By combining their innovative cost comparison technologies with the expertise and grit of their team, they have developed a reputation for slashing overhead costs.  

A spokesperson for the expense analysts said, “Did you know you are likely overpaying for many of the services your company uses every day? How do you know if spending hours on the internet or on the phone trying to get a better deal will even work? With our smart technology and our team of negotiation experts, we will ensure you’re not being overcharged. We work to reduce your bills so you can sit back and enjoy the savings.” 

While there are some costs that are really fixed, your bills and utilities definitely aren’t one of them.

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