Cordless Hand Massager Relieves Pain Caused By Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Feb 10, 2022

Hanzzen, a Hand Massager Machine company based in Toronto, ON talks about the importance of hand massages in alleviating carpal tunnel syndrome. We are the proud manufacturer of the hand massager, the home pain relief tool that targets more than 400 acupressure points.

Cordless Hand Massager Relieves Pain Caused By Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Are you suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome? If you are, then you’ll know how painful it can be! If your life is hindered by your hand pain, let us help you!

According to studies, around 1% to 5% of the adult population has experienced carpal tunnel. Though non-life-threatening, the condition is debilitating and can negatively impact a person’s quality of life. Addressing this, our team at Hanzzen has released a new article called “Hand Massage For Carpal Tunnel: Massage Therapy Explained”.

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The article describes simple home massages you can do to eliminate the pain caused by the condition. We explain that people are more likely to experience carpal tunnel when their muscles are inflamed. This can be when the hands and wrists are overused and flexed for hours such as with writing or in sports.

The goal of the carpal tunnel home massages is to stretch the necessary muscles and nerves to alleviate pain. The most recommended solution is with light massaging where slight pressure is placed along the shoulders down the arm to the small muscles in the wrist. This reflexology practice should be consistently applied for at least 30 seconds to notice any benefits.

This is important to consider! Most people only massage their wrists once and wonder why their pain is still there. In order to receive the full benefits of the hand massage, it should be done correctly and consistently for at least 30 seconds each day for a week. Further details can be found at 

Those with intense acute pain can consider shaking manipulation which strengthens muscle tone along the wrist. As the name suggests, the massage strikes the side of the hand with the fingers or heel of the other hand. Again, this should be done consistently for at least 30 seconds in each session.

We are committed to helping people find relief from their hand pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. We believe that relieving stress along the wrists can help increase overall productivity and replenish the energetic balance. We are the proud manufacturer of two best-selling products, the hand massager and compression gloves. Learn more at

Our hand massager uses targeted pressure to activate over 400 acupuncture points.

Do you know that hand massage can also contribute to overall wellness? Studies show that a hand massage can reduce the risk for the common cold and even reinvigorate the senses.

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