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Jun 12, 2024

Calling Copenhagen business owners – don’t waste time chasing up customers and urging them to leave reviews. mBrain can handle it on your behalf, helping your clientele create easy testimonials in no time at all… all with the power of AI!

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Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to accumulate meaningful reviews and get them seen across the net. mBrain makes the entire process easy by generating customer-approved reviews for wide distribution!

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This autonomous AI marketing platform is your magic key to better reputation management. mBrain can help you substantially elevate your digital profile as a subsequent step after sales.

The tool’s capabilities allow it to follow up on prior sales agreements by generating prompted customer reviews in written or recorded video form. As such, mBrain works to solidify your brand reputation and visibility by streamlining the testimonial process for the convenience of your customers. What’s more, it leads to faster results for your business!

Reviewing Made Easy!

Its system is designed to significantly simplify feedback by automatically creating responses for your customers to modify - if needed - and approve. mBrain is also equipped to help them record video reviews guided by scripted prompts. It’ll then publish these reviews across relevant channels, maximizing their visibility.

“Let’s say a customer is willing to share across their own social media,” adds an mBrain representative. “And let’s say it’s solid business for you to reward people for referring leads. You can have mBrain equip your existing customers with their own personal referral page that they can distribute across their own private platforms.”

Whether through social media or on business web pages, reviews form an essential component of your reputation-building process. Word of mouth has been replaced by words from the screen! With mBrain, you’ll be able to monitor reviews as they come in - and even negative feedback provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your responsiveness.

mBrain’s fully automated marketing platform also allows you to save time that would otherwise be spent gathering, managing, and distributing reviews. Instead, the tool handles these tasks on your behalf - so you can focus your efforts towards engaging with your local or target community.

As a result of continued review accumulation and interaction, you’ll see better online rankings and, in turn, more sales opportunities.

In the words of mBrain: “Use management tools and analytics to track customer sentiment, monitor online reputation trends, and measure the impact of your reputation management efforts. This will allow your business to make better data-driven decisions and refine your strategies.”

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