Conversational AI Chatbot For Copenhagen SMEs Does 24/7 Customer Engagement

May 29, 2024

If you’ve always thought AI was out of reach for your small business, think again! Jump aboard the mBrain train! Affordable chatbot tech to drive your enterprise to new heights with adaptive, data-driven marketing service 24/7!

Do you run a small business in Copenhagen? Wondering how you can get that vital edge over your competition?

Get mBrain    •the autonomous marketing chatbot that will revolutionize how you engage convert, and retain customers. More details at

24/7 Operation

As an autonomous entity, mBrain bots work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to engage with prospective customers. They provide instant assistance and answers to questions while directing customers to optimal solutions. Armed with natural language processing, mBrain chatbots can engage in conversational communications, using this medium to share relevant case studies and reviews to establish authority and trust among customers.


The bot can also take calendar bookings and help prepare human agents for sales appointments by providing a summary of previous conversations with the customer. This ensures that your agents understand the needs of customers and can offer a more relevant and personalized service. However, the mBrain marketing model goes beyond initial contact to provide follow-up emails and SMS communications, helping to secure reviews and referrals.

Reduce Bounce Rates

Upon installation, the chatbot instantly absorbs all website information about your business, allowing it to answer all customer inquiries. This fast, responsive service helps keep customers who might ordinarily jump to another site because they were unable to find what they were looking for.


This intelligent software constantly adapts based on customer interactions, rapidly processing data to drive better decision-making and increase revenue.

A spokesperson says, “mBrain takes in every input your clients make – via the chatbot, social media, and all connected channels. This 24/7 update ensures that your marketing strategies are always adapted to today's reality. The continuous learning process means that mBrain becomes more efficient and effective over time.”

Enhance Authority

The bot also helps to establish competence and prove authority. The software is programmed to fetch the most relevant case studies and reviews to help convert leads and build credibility with your prospective customers.

Coming Soon

While the mBrain chatbot currently works only with text, voice features are in development and will be made available soon.

Marketing's never gonna be the same – say hello to mBrain!

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