Convenient Tooth Replacement: Instant Dental Implants In Auckland At Top Clinic

Aug 26, 2023

Auckland, Remuera/Takapuna – Noble Dental – 09 486 6996 – Do you have missing teeth but don’t want to wait months for dental implants? Get instant tooth replacement with these specialists! With their unmatched implant service, you’ll achieve a radiant smile in no time!

Depending on the culture, when a child loses a tooth, the tooth fairy or tooth mouse will collect it from under their pillow, leaving behind a small gift or money. Losing that first tooth, in particular, is a big deal for the child, a rite of passage of sorts. But for us adults, all that wonder and charm is nowhere to be found. For many, it's a major damper on their self-esteem and confidence.

Luckily, we now have same-day dental implants - a procedure that's become quite popular in recent years. Unlike the traditional implant process, which can take months to complete, you can have your smile restored in just one trip.

Noble Dental, with offices in Takapuna and Remuera, is revolutionizing dental care in Auckland with its top-tier delivery of same-day advanced solutions for tooth restoration. To accomplish this, Implantologist and Dental Implant Surgeon Dr. Richard Longbottom has collaborated with several leading implant manufacturers, including Straumann, Dentsply, Zimmer Biomet, Nobel Biocare, and Astra, to deliver expeditious and high-quality results.

The instant dental implant service is perfect for busy professionals or socially active individuals seeking an efficient and convenient tooth replacement option. And at either clinic, it's provided within a personalised treatment plan developed after an in-depth assessment, whether for one tooth or a full set of teeth.

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When a tooth or teeth are lost due to periodontal disease or an injury, you can experience issues or complications (especially when left unaddressed) such as diminished chewing ability, jaw bone loss, shifting teeth, and defective speech. However, with dental implants, your quality of life can significantly improve, preserving the health of the surrounding bone and gums and restoring your teeth's cosmetic appearance and function.

Studies have shown a success rate of over 95% for dental implant surgery, making it one of the most reliable and long-lasting solutions for tooth replacement. And with the practice’s provision of immediate loading dental implants - the placement of a temporary crown or bridge right after the insertion of an implant - you can achieve your desired smile sans downtime, and return to your regular activities almost immediately after the procedure.

“Convenience and efficacy are the core values of our practice,” Dr. Longbottom said. “We are attuned to the needs of busy professionals and socially active individuals, and our same-day dental implants provide them with an immediate and hassle-free smile restoration.”

The specialists at Noble Dental can help you receive functional, natural-looking teeth in no time with the use of their state-of-the-art tools and technology. Some technologies they employ include 3D imaging and x-rays, digital implant dentistry, bone grafting using biomimicry methods, and bio-enhanced dental implant systems.

Before completing an implant procedure, their treatment coordinators will first thoroughly review your dental history and situation, performing a comprehensive assessment of your teeth and gum health. Once done, the implant specialist will discuss the best options with you and create a personalised treatment plan accordingly.

“As a doctor, I was keen to find a specialist who is experienced in dental implant surgery. Dr. Longbottom and his team obviously have the specialised training and expertise in this field as well as the appropriate equipment and facilities, and it is their bread and butter. Thoroughly recommended,” a satisfied patient said.

Noble Dental is committed to providing first-rate, advanced dental implant solutions to Auckland residents while delivering comprehensive, individualised care that encompasses comfort, expertise, and convenience.

Ready to experience the transformative power of instant dental implants and regain your confident smile? Enjoy the benefits of Noble Dental's advanced implant techniques by scheduling a consultation today!

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