Contract Negotiation Service Helps Construction Firms Improve Energy Efficiency

Feb 25, 2024

The pro contract negotiators at Recession Resister can take your bills off your hands and bring you guaranteed savings on energy costs and all your major utilities. With a no-save, no-pay promise, all you have to do is sign up!

Do you want to lower your bills and improve your energy efficiency with just one click of a button? With Recession Resister, the ultimate bill savers, it is that easy.

Go to to start saving on your overheads.

Contract Negotiation For The Construction Industry

Recession Resister can help your construction firm cut down on overheads like energy bills and other utilities, as well as other monthly and annual costs like:

  • telecom,
  • waste management,
  • security,
  • payroll,
  • and more.

The team at Recession Resister appreciates that, if you’re a construction firm head or project manager you probably spend your workdays on the phone chasing up contractors and service providers and negotiating for better deals on wholesale materials, labor and more, which is why they want to take on responsibility for all your utility and bill negotiation. 

Save Time & Money

The expense management accountants at Recession Resister also appreciate that time is money, which is why they offer their contract negotiation service as a timesaving way in which you can cut down on big overheads like water, gas and electric without having to waste your time chasing down leads or negotiating with service providers. 

Demolish Your Energy Bills With Energy Auto-Switching

In addition to finding you the best rate on all major utilities—as well as other overhead expenses and bills—Recession Resister will particularly focus on your energy expenses, as these can represent as much as 15% of your annual costs.

With their energy auto-switching service, they can guarantee that you will always be taking advantage of the best rates on the market. 

As a spokesperson for the expense management experts said, “Energy costs typically represent a significant cost to your business and doing business in a deregulated energy market comes with a choice, but that choice includes hours of research and new and unforeseen responsibilities that are often inefficient and ineffective. We remove this stress and handle your electricity supplier switching for you, ensuring you save on an annual basis. There’s no risk to you and you pay nothing unless we can save you money.”

Improve Your Energy Efficiency For More Savings

Working alongside this service, Recession Resister also recommends their energy efficiency measures, which they will use to get to the core of your costs and then reduce them. By using smart technology like energy-saving HVAC systems and other measures, they are confident you will see a 15-30% reduction in your bills. 

A New Way To Save

Recession Resister started in New England and have quickly expanded their services across the United States. To date, they have saved their partners over $1 million on their bills. 

If you want to be one of them, you can enjoy their no-save, no-pay promise. Go to to sign up.

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