Contact Simcoe Orthodontists For Traditional Metal Braces & Clear Aligners

Nov 12, 2022

Braces have come a long way… come see for yourself at Simcoe’s own Schacher Orthodontics! After all, seeing is believing – unless we’re talking about their amazing invisible aligners! Dial +1-905-545-3021 to find out more.

Contact Simcoe Orthodontists For Traditional Metal Braces & Clear Aligners

Nowadays, there are more options for braces than ever before! Take advantage of modern brace tech with beautiful varieties at Schacher Orthodontics!

With its braces, the team provides your Simcoe community with dental options that can meet your specific needs - drawing from the industry’s innovative technological advances. Schacher Orthodontics offers brace fittings alongside ongoing guidance, keeping you informed and prepared to maintain your braces effectively.

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Spanning braces suited to address both aesthetic preferences and practical concerns, its selection is designed to give you a greater degree of choice. Schacher Orthodontics refers to its range of options as beneficial for straightening your teeth while also helping you to improve your confidence.

Headed by Dr. Victor Schacher, the Simcoe orthodontic team points to invisible aligners as among the latest developments in the evolution of dental care. As part of its options, Schacher Orthodontics can fit these non-metal braces in pursuit of an optimally comfortable and less disruptive experience for you.

According to a company representative: “Not only are the aligners invisible, they are removable, so you can eat and drink what you want while in treatment - plus, brushing and flossing are less of a hassle.”

The office also offers you traditional metal braces with the added option of including colorful rubber bands in order to create a personalized smile you’ll love!

And that’s not all - Schacher Orthodontics further provides ceramic braces built with a clear, translucent finish. The team describes this option as combining the efficiency of metal varieties with less noticeable materials. If you’re not sure about installing traditional braces, these could be for you.

One prior patient said of their experience with Schacher Orthodontics: “It is a kid and family-friendly office. I have only had my braces on for just over a year and they are just about to come off. I already love the results and can’t wait for the end - Dr. Schacher and his team know what they’re doing.”

Schacher Orthodontics offers its brace fittings and free consultations in Simcoe as well as its Brantford and Hamilton offices. You can arrange such services, with examinations, online via its official website.

Braces? Aces! This Simcoe team has the knowledge and the skills to correct your smile!

If you’re in Simcoe or nearby, head to to learn more about Schacher Orthodontics.

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