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Jul 28, 2023

Company car accidents leave devastated victims in their wake – if you need legal help to target compensation in El Paso, contact Reyna Law Firm at 915-975-7077 now.

Have you been injured while in a company vehicle? Or perhaps a company car has struck yours - resulting in significant pain and suffering. In either case, the question of liability is crucial. Reyna Law Firm is ready to answer your questions and ally with you in pursuit of justice.

Reyna Law Firm assists crash accidents victims and their dependents, equipping them with the means to take on companies or other parties liable for the consequences of reckless driving.

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The Texas-wide firm continues to find new ways to support the injured throughout the state. Your El Paso community is the latest to receive these service improvements, so if you’ve been hurt in a commercial vehicle accident, call its team without delay.

Its attorneys are positioned to provide you with suitable counsel in preparation for claim proceedings. Owing to strict statute of limitation regulations on damage claim submissions, Reyna Law Firm urges you to act quickly in order to secure the full compensation you may be eligible for.

“Connecting with an attorney as soon as possible after the accident gives the best opportunities for preserving evidence that supports your case,” stressed a firm representative. “You need a law firm with a track record and an extensive background in car accident injury cases.”

Since Texas is an at-fault state, negligent drivers don’t just shoulder the blame for accidents, explains Reyna Law Firm - they also shoulder full responsibility for damage and losses. Investigations on the part of the firm’s specialist injury lawyers aim to conclusively prove culpability, and by doing so, show that you deserve sufficient recompense in return.

The firm’s wider services extend from settlement negotiation to courtroom representation, depending on the direction that your car accident case takes. No matter what happens, you have a friend in Reyna Law Firm.

Just look at the work its team has done, securing major settlement figures on behalf of injured clients across its wider Texas and New Mexico service areas. In fact, its recent induction to the American Academy of Attorneys’ 500 Million Dollar Club demonstrates that its recoveries have exceeded half a billion dollars in total.

“Juan Reyna is a really solid guy,” said one recent client, in reference to the firm’s founder and lead attorney. “He takes care of folks when they need it most.” Another added: “Reyna Law Firm helped us get medical care and was able to get us a serious settlement after the trial started.”

The firm knows that accidents can happen at any time of the day - and as such, its firm offers 24/7 customer support contact options. Book your no-charge, confidential case review now.

Be free of worries and get peace of mind by getting in touch with a trusted legal team.

If you’re in the El Paso area, head to for more info about Reyna Law Firm and its extended range of practice areas.

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