Conservative Values Search Engine Provides Alternative Perspectives On iPhone

Jan 9, 2024

If you’re tired of Google offering left-leaning results, TUSK Search is the app you need to enjoy a better web-browsing experience!

Do you cringe every time you use Google and see left-leaning results? Are you fed up with worrying about the impact of your search queries, or the links you click? TUSK Search promises to never ban or punish you for your political views!

The TUSK team - all proud conservatives, led by Jeff Bermant, who has years of experience in browser development - focuses on the need for a browsing experience that prioritizes free speech. Search results will never be suppressed on TUSK, as sometimes occurs with Google, and you can enjoy a more curated online experience.

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Choose your political leaning

The app includes pre-search filters that you can apply, selecting between Left, Center, and Right before completing your query. This allows you to match your search experience to your political leaning, and prioritize the stories you know you enjoy - or the publications you prefer to read.

According to third-party bias rating site AllSides, Google News skews left in its search results. This has caused many right-leaning Americans to feel unheard and underrepresented - but TUSK Search was created to directly address this issue by offering you a more personalized exploration of the internet that better reflects your worldview.

Conservative AI chatbot included

The TUSK Search app also seamlessly integrates Gippr, an AI chatbot tailored to conservative perspectives, allowing you to query the assistant on news items or other topics.

According to company spokespeople, TUSK upholds ideals of free speech and informed debate: the app does not restrict access to left-leaning content and refrains from blocking or censoring you based on political beliefs. Instead, it aims to promote viewpoint diversity by ensuring conservative sources are fairly represented in search results.

Browse censorship-free on iPhone

The TUSK app is available as a download on both the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play Store. With its unique algorithm and integrated conservative news feed, the company hopes to provide you with an inclusive destination for search, news, and discussion online.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Tusk Search is a search engine created by a conservative organization for conservative users. It is designed to provide you with an alternative to the mainstream search engines that promote liberal bias and censorship of right media.”

Tired of Google and want something different? TUSK could be exactly what you're looking for!

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