Conservative Search Engine Offers Unbiased Results & AI Chatbot Integration

Feb 15, 2024

TUSK Search gives you full control over your search experience – so you can forget about liberal bias, and enjoy the internet your way!

Until you try TUSK Search, you don't know what you're missing out on. There's no liberal bias here, and certainly no suppressed content – which means you can be yourself without the threat of being canceled for your viewpoint. Best of all, it's even got Gippr AI included, which is like having your own conservative chatbot in your pocket!

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You're in full control

The TUSK team has expressed concern over perceived liberal bias in some of the major tech tools and platforms used today, and positions TUSK Search as a champion for free speech: you are in full control of the search experience and can filter results based on political leaning.

Industry reports highlight the massive growth potential of AI chatbots over the next decade - according to research by Yahoo, the global chatbot market could reach an estimated $34 billion by 2032, propelled by the efficiency of these tools to address queries quickly. For example, Tidio indicates around 90% of conversations are answered in 10 messages or less.

AI that speaks your language

Despite this, some media outlets have called attention to liberal biases that can emerge in certain AI content. TUSK emphasizes its commitment to developing Gippr as an AI system that promotes conservative dialogue - allowing you to have a safe space to engage with and benefit from innovative technology.

Integrating Gippr’s conversational abilities into TUSK Search combines the strengths of search functionality with AI interactivity in one platform. The tool can complement the search experience, and you receive AI-generated responses to follow-up questions about your search results.

Customize every search

In addition to the AI assistant, TUSK Search offers you more transparency and personalization options for pursuing online queries. You can filter search results to show left-leaning, center, or right-leaning media outlets and sources before entering a search term - and the TUSK browser also allows you to customize a list of your preferred media sites you consider trustworthy.

A spokesperson states: “With TUSK Search, you don’t have to worry about being censored, monitored, or confined to a sandbox of ‘approved’ information. You’ll have the power to access any content, anytime you want.”

Are you getting annoyed by having to suppress your conservative values? Do you want a more user-friendly search experience?

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