Conservative Free Speech Advocates Should Try This Anti-Censorship Search Engine

Mar 21, 2023

Take a stand against censorship with TUSK! This free-speech-focused search engine presents conservative Internet users like you with a welcome alternative to biased platforms.

Conservative Free Speech Advocates Should Try This Anti-Censorship Search Engine

You may have heard that when you veg out in front of the TV, mindlessly consuming content, you’re letting strangers into your home—and your mind—without permission. And, unfortunately, the same is true when you browse the Internet these days—bias is everywhere.

But there’s a way to take back control. With the TUSK search engine, you can take advantage of anti-censorship features, which will allow you to access news and search results that are typically buried by biased search algorithms.

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You may have heard that Americans’ trust in the media is at a near-record low. According to an October 2022 Gallup report, 38 percent of Americans have no trust in newspaper, TV, and radio outlets. This report marks the first time Gallup has recorded a higher percentage of Americans with no trust in the media, compared to the percentage with much or a fair amount of trust.

It’s because of statistics like these that TUSK exists—it’s the stand-alone web browser that supports free speech, presenting right-leaning Internet users like you with a trusted, uncensored news platform. You can tailor your news feeds with a proprietary feed ranking and sorting system, so you can easily find the stories you’re most interested in.

The same filtering functionality is found in the TUSK search engine via its “bias slider”, which lets users see which way sources are leaning towards: right, left, or center. This makes it easier for you to see the stance taken by an article or search result—an important factor to consider when formulating your opinion.

While native to the TUSK browser, the search engine can be accessed using Chrome, Firefox Edge, Brave, Safari, and other third-party browsers.

TUSK was founded by Jeff Bermant, a patriotic entrepreneur with over 13 years’ experience in browser development. Previously, Jeff had worked in real estate development, founding one of the industry’s largest ventures in Santa Barbara, California. Eventually, his passion led him to the world of browser development, where he helped create products like Cocoon VPN and Cocoon MyData Rewards.

A company spokesperson said, “Jeff is a patriot who loves the USA with all his heart. That’s why he’s putting his money where his mouth is in founding TUSK.”

Don’t just google it, TUSK it!

Get all the details at, under the search section

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