Conservative Alternative Search Engine Offers Left, Center & Right Filtering

Feb 1, 2024

With TUSK, you can upgrade your search experience – with no more Google, and no need to use ChatGPT, which has been linked to anti-conservative bias!

TUSK is fast becoming one of the best online search alternatives to Google, and in large part, it’s because of its free speech focus. Whether you use it on a desktop or on your smartphone, it gives you full control – and now you can even use the conservative-focused AI chatbot!

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Regain control & forget about suppressed content

Built by conservatives for conservative users, TUSK’s main goal is to give you greater control over your search experience. The creators felt that conservatives’ needs weren’t being effectively met by the existing AI chatbot options on the market.

“Gippr is a modified AI chatbot technology that promotes conservative values and free-speech advocacy that aligns with patriots and independent thinkers’ point of view,” explains a spokesperson for the company, noting the need to provide an alternative to popular tools like ChatGPT. “It provides users with a safe space to express their views and challenge the liberal status quo with fact-based arguments.”

Access AI chatbots without left-leaning output

Over recent years, there have been numerous allegations that sites like Google and Facebook skew search and feeds against conservative viewpoints. The founders of TUSK believe users should have access to the information they seek without ideological censorship - emphasizing that this should extend to all online information access, including AI chatbots and search engines.

TUSK Search offers customizable left-leaning, centrist, and right-leaning options that can be selected before searching. You can pre-select a political preference, and TUSK will subsequently filter results to align with that viewpoint.

Get secure browsing, anywhere

In addition to customizable search filters, TUSK Search also prioritizes security by forcing HTTPS-encrypted connections between you and sites when available.

The spokesperson adds: “Since independent thinkers are subject to oppressive cancel culture that now includes AI, and are expected to exist in a society that tells them what to think and how to act by the progressive left, it’s time for a truthful AI chatbot to allow all conservatives to enjoy the benefits of AI, without fear of being canceled or shamed for your beliefs.”

Stop letting the big tech companies dictate what you see online. Take back control of your search today!

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