Connect Your Older Phone To Newer Devices With Compact Micro-B To USB-C Adapters

Feb 1, 2023

If you’ve struggled to keep your older Micro-B devices connected to newer computers with USB-C connectors, Kinsey Store is here to help with their Micro-B to USB-C adapter pack.

Connect Your Older Phone To Newer Devices With Compact Micro-B To USB-C Adapters

So, you’ve finally got that new laptop computer you’ve been dreaming of. You’ve set it up and settled down to transfer some files across when tragedy strikes. It only has USB-C connections, and all your devices are Micro-B! What do you do? Luckily Kingsy Store has the solution with their pack of Micro-B to USB-C adapters!

The 10-pack adapters from Kingsy Store provide a simple, useful, and portable solution for plugging your female-type Micro-B outputs into male-type US-C inputs and give new life to your devices that use the older cable connections.

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Each of the adapters can transfer up to 10Gbits per second, making them suitable for your daily use whenever you need to sync data, charge a device, or transfer files.

Getting the latest laptop or tablet is always exciting, but when you find your accessories can no longer be connected, it can also be frustrating. Furthermore, while the latest USB-C connections offer faster transfer times, many other devices are not yet compatible. Kingsy Store offers you a solution to this frustration with its USB converters.

The USB converters are compact, measuring 19mm by 8mm, meaning they can easily be added to your daily carry bag or even left connected when in transit. Additionally, they are available in black, white, or a 50/50 mix, allowing you to get convertors that match the aesthetic and color of your other gadgets.

Kinsey Store’s converters are part of the company’s wide range of computer accessories and utilities, including internet cables. This includes CAT6 cables, VGA connectors, and SATA connectors, as well as USB-C Type C to 3.5MM Aux audio jacks and USB 2.0 Male to 2 Dual USB female jack splitters.

An online retailer, the company is a one-stop location for innovative and novelty items for occasions or your own personal use. The company’s products cover categories including Fitness, Home and Office, Outdoors, and gifts for him and her.

Based in New Jersey, the company also offers you free shipping for orders throughout the USA, with online tracking and a 30-day returns policy for exchanges.

A spokesperson for Kingsy Store said, “We work around the clock to find, source, and ship to you the most innovative products. This way, you know you are guaranteed to have the coolest things without spending days researching on your own.”

Give your older devices new life, with Micro-B to USB-C adapters to keep them connected to your latest gadgets!

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