Connect With Other Homeschooling Families & Fight Public School Indoctrination!

Jun 12, 2024

Looking to connect with like-minded homeschooling or unschooling families? Homeschooling Minds provides a support group for you and your children to interact with peers and unite against the threat of government indoctrination.

We live in an age of overt propaganda - critical thinking skills are more important than ever before! To help you and your family stay sharp and resist indoctrination, Homeschooling Minds offers key online resources and networking opportunities.

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The organization's Facebook group is designed for individuals and families who wish to cultivate independent thought in the context of an increasingly propaganda-saturated society.

Counteract Indoctrination

Suitable for any type of homeschooling household - including unschooling and wildschooling families - the group is an extension of Homeschooling Minds’ ongoing commitment to counteracting government indoctrination and supporting school choice.

A recent report from the Harvard Business Review shows that corruption and disinformation are widespread throughout American media and educational institutions, leading to systemic failures and societal manipulation. With the risks of indoctrination and propaganda in mind, Homeschooling Minds offers you and your loved ones an alternative.

Foster Critical Thinking Skills

“We seek to empower parents concerned about the pervasive influence of government-run public schools by providing a safe place for discussion as we foster independence and self-reliance in our youth,” says a representative. “We train children and teenagers to think critically and learn passionately, growing immune to and free from the influences of blind indoctrination.”

Alongside providing an opportunity for your homeschooled family to connect and network with like-minded peers from across the country and beyond, Homeschooling Minds collects many resources to help keep you informed on the latest topics, such as current laws or government regulations.

Recent posts cover changes to legislation in Texas, as the state is poised to pass private school tuition subsidies that increase the level of school choice for parents, as well as a podcast featuring a discussion between two prominent education specialists in Michigan regarding the ongoing threat of government regulations.

Get Practical Advice

As a group member or visitor to the Homeschooling Minds main page, you can also get practical advice or tips on a range of topics, such as how to choose a summer camp for independent homeschooled youth and methods for teaching critical thinking to children of all ages.

Respectful debate and discussion are encouraged within the group, and posts are drawn from diverse sources, ranging from Aristotelian philosophy to The Liberty Daily, The Guardian, Pew Research, Washington Examiner, and The Education Exchange podcast series.

Join Homeschooling Minds in the ongoing resistance against government propaganda today!

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