Configuring Nano S Crypto Hardware Wallet & Pairing With Ledger Live App Guide

Feb 26, 2024

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The piece also explains the basics of how these hardware devices work and why they represent the most secure option for your digital transactions.

Offline Operation

By securing your private keys in an offline device, rather than online, as with some software wallets and many web-based exchanges, you can virtually eliminate the threat of hacking.

What's In The Box?

The Crypto Merchant recommends that you check the packaging of your order before unboxing to ensure that the contents have not been tampered with. The Nano S ships with a USB cable, a keychain attachment, and a recovery sheet.

The Recovery Position

As physical devices, hardware wallets are susceptible to theft or being misplaced just like any piece of modern tech. According to The Crypto Merchant, to counteract this, you can generate a recovery seed phrase that allows you to access funds even in the event of your wallet being compromised.

PIN Protection

The guide explains that, when initializing the device, you're prompted to choose between configuring a new device or restoring one from a backup. Using the buttons on the device, you can set a user PIN which acts as a gateway to the wallet and must be entered each time a connection is established.

Connect Your Coin Applications

The Ledger Nano S integrates seamlessly with the Ledger Live application to combine hardware security with the convenience of software asset management. You can download the companion Ledger Live app from the Ledger website. This allows you to connect the requisite cryptocurrency applications for the coins you intend to store within the wallet. Once you've installed the software and all relevant currencies are linked, the wallet can connect with the app. The Nano S generates unique addresses for transactions which you can find under each coin's specific account within the app.

A spokesperson for The Crypto Merchant says, “Getting a hardware wallet is the only way to outsmart hackers and avoid losing your crypto assets. But it’s critical that wallets are purchased from an authorized retailer, otherwise they could arrive tampered with or compromised.”

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