Confidential Addiction Treatment For NJ State Employees: Get Tailored Solutions

Apr 11, 2024

Get confidential, understanding, and tailored addiction help at Relevance Behavioral Health (866-245-1497). New Jersey’s leading inpatient and outpatient center helps state and public employees, including first responders.

Whether you’re a public servant, a police officer, or a principal in a public school, Relevance Behavioral Health is on a mission to help public sector professionals like yourself get the confidential addiction treatment support you need.

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The Best Recovery Center For Public Employees & First Responders

Relevance Behavioral Health has long established a reputation as an inclusive, holistic, and innovative treatment center where professionals can get both inpatient and outpatient assistance for mental health and substance abuse issues.

Now, they have a tailored solution that has been designed specifically for employees of the State of New Jersey like yourself.

The admissions, patient support, and clinical teams at Relevance Behavioral Health appreciate that, as a public sector employee, you have unique needs and you may be looking for a center that:

  • can offer you the utmost discretion to protect your public image
  • can liaise with your state health insurance plan provider
  • recognizes the demands and requirements of your public sector profession

This includes the demands placed upon you if you are a first responder like a police officer, firefighter, EMT or paramedic, or similar.

Your Choice For Personalized Inpatient & Outpatient Care

The Relevance team believes they fit the bill and they are confident they can help whether you are seeking an inpatient, intensive outpatient, outpatient, or sober living program. If you need a supervised detox, these are also available at all care levels.

At Relevance Behavioral Health, you will benefit from the center’s experienced and personalized approach and will have a unique recovery plan made just for you. This all-encompassing plan will integrate traditional forms of psychotherapy, including the industry-standard cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), as well as other enrichment activities like group therapy and life coaching.

A Holistic Approach To Addiction Treatment

Relevance also distinguishes themselves through their use of holistic wellness modalities and complementary therapies. With their support, you will have the ability to both work through your addiction issues, and any underlying or precipitating mental health concerns, and to genuinely restore your mind, body, and spirit through art and sound therapy, biofeedback therapy, massage, yoga, and more. 

A spokesperson for the center said, “There are many mental health facilities in New Jersey to choose from, but at Relevance, we believe we take a unique approach that sets us apart. Rather than rely solely on traditional therapy methods, we offer holistic, multidisciplinary, integrative drug rehab that provides the perfect mind body balance.”

Reach Out To Relevance Today

If you’re an employee of the State of New Jersey, the recovery center encourages you to speak to their admissions team about state-sponsored insurance coverage, their holistic care programs, and more.

Take your first step to a better life today at

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