Concierge Medical Practice in Bend, OR Offers Pharmacogenetic Testing

Apr 5, 2017

Dr. Richard MacDonell, owner of MyMD Personal Medicine in Bend, Oregon has added pharmacogenetic testing to his concierge internal medicine practice. Further information can be found at

Dr. Richard MacDonell, an internal medicine doctor with a concierge medical practice in Bend, Oregon now offers pharmacogenetic testing. A number of tests now exist that identify whether patients’ genetic makeups affect how well specific medications work for them and whether they could produce dangerous side effects.

Dr. MacDonell at MyMD Personal Medicine, says: "We wanted to try something new in our concierge medical practice. Traditional medicine often works by trial-and-error with our patients: We have to try different types of medications for their condition, then tweak the dose here and there, until you find one that works without major side effects. Sometimes this process can take months have a negative effect on the patent's quality of life.”

Always interested in the cutting edge of health care, MyMD Personal Medicine now offers genetic testing to help patients avoid potential drug conflicts and determine the most effective dosage must faster. “The question is, ‘Can we be smarter about this process and tailor our efforts instead of resorting to trial-and-error?’ Our patients really value this type of patient-physician relationship and integrated, coordinated care.” MacDonell said.

Dr. MacDonell also said "We want to give our patients options. With our new pharmacogenetic testing service, they have a fresh new possibility. As a result of our concierge medical practice, we are able to offer new services like this, unparalleled access and much more personal attention than a patient typically experiences in a medical clinic."

MyMD Personal Medicine, established in 2006 has been in business for 11 years. As a board certified Doctor of internal Medicine, Dr. MacDonell is uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat most health care issues. Pharmacogenetic testing is one example of his proactive approach to coordinating care across the spectrum of health issues faced by his patients.

To find out more about pharmacogenetic testing, concierge medical practice and MyMD Personal Medicine, visit

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