Complex Trauma Inpatient Facility In Sun City, AZ For PTSD & Panic Attacks

Dec 6, 2022

Face your demons head on with the best trauma rehab in Sun City, AZ. Emerald Isle Health & Recovery (855-657-0253) offers complex trauma inpatient facilities specializing in all forms of trauma, from PTSD to childhood trauma.

Complex Trauma Inpatient Facility In Sun City, AZ For PTSD & Panic Attacks

Trauma is the scars you see on your soul - the bruises that manifest in panic or fear when something like “the event” happens.

Trauma is one of the more insidious wounds we can receive because no one ever really sees it - and there will be people who will dismiss it as us being just “dramatic”.

But, trauma needs to be seen. These scars need to be healed so that you can begin living again.

Your trauma shouldn’t hold you down. Your light needs to shine once more.

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery offers trauma therapy rehab and recovery services. The inpatient treatment is meant for individuals suffering from a severe mental illness caused or exacerbated by deep trauma.

Trauma rehab at Emerald Isle uses two types of therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), to address the root cause of symptomatic mental disorders. Individuals with severe illnesses, including depression and substance abuse, and may be subconsciously manifesting their deeply-rooted trauma.

Emerald Isle improved its services in light of new research that shows that the number of people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has increased in the last few years. Studies show that in 2022, there are now 1 in every 13 Americans developing some sort of PTSD at one point in their lives.

The mental disorder can be debilitating, with victims of PTSD often experiencing intense fear and panic attacks. Sufferers of PTSD can also develop constant negative thoughts which prevent them from enjoying everyday activities.

In fact, did you know that being in a sexually violent relationship is one of the leading causes of PTSD? Those who experience constant sexual abuse are twice as likely to develop the condition compared to people who have been exposed to or participated in organized violence.

Emerald Isle offers complex trauma inpatient facilities that allow you to start your healing journey with no judgment. Before being recommended a recovery plan, you may request to take a brief test on Adverse Childhood Experiences(ACE). The ACE test is not a diagnostic tool but can be used to start difficult conversations about your childhood. Further details can be found on their blog, with a recently released series of articles on how childhood trauma can last well into adulthood.

All trauma therapy plans are customized for each patient. Depending on your case and preferred treatment option, you can be recommended for individual or group therapy. The center will also create a treatment plan that involves medication management.

You may also be asked about your current close relationships. This is to determine any “trauma bonding”, which is often associated with women suffering from PTSD due to sexual violence or assault. Trauma bonding is commonly found in survivors of domestic abuse and requires effective trauma rehab programs that address this unhealthy form of attachment.

A spokesperson for the center wrote, "Mental health is a complex and often misunderstood issue. When it comes to mental health care, there are many different options available. Trauma treatment centers are one type of mental health care facility that can provide comprehensive care, in the form of an inpatient treatment program, for those who have experienced trauma."

If you are a CSA survivor, have PTSD with symptoms you cannot seem to process, or have escaped from a relationship of abuse but still find it haunts you, Emerald Isle can and will help you move into a brighter future. Contact them by phone for a confidential consultation and to inquire about the availability of beds in their trauma program, the time to heal is now!

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