Competition HVAC Service Agreement

Oct 22, 2019

Heating and Air Conditioning Company Introduces a unique maintenance agreement that encourages long term retention of customers. A true innovation in this industry.

  • competition hvac service agreement
  • competition hvac service agreement
  • competition hvac service agreement
  • competition hvac service agreement
  • competition hvac service agreement

Competition HVAC is a Heating and Air Conditioning Company Port Coquitlam that is breaking the mold by offering a service contract that encourages customer retention and also eliminates uncertain future rate hikes for their clients.

The HVAC Service agreement allows the client to enter into an agreement that does not terminate unless at the hands of the client. During the life of the contract the labor rates are guaranteed not to increase, and should the client choose to cancel, it can be done with only a 30 day notice. This approach really encourages owners to maintain their HVAC systems, and it also gives the assurance that the cost of the service contract will remain the same unless it is cancelled by the client. Visit our website

This approach to maintenance agreements is a big difference to the industry norm. Generally speaking the industry norm is to lock in clients with no opportunity to cancel during the term, and once the term is up the chances of a price increase are pretty high.

Competition HVAC has both the experience and confidence to offer this unique maintenance agreement and it displays their understanding in the value of long term customer retention. Competition HVAC works hard at client retention and they feel this service puts the client and the Company in a very comfortable position in wanting to work together now and in the future. Watch our video here

It is also a fact that Technology is changing all around us and this is certainly the case in the Heating & Air Conditioning Industry. An HVAC system is designed for the immediate environment it services, it has to be effective for that environment and it also has to be designed to run in a manner that minimizes energy. Maintenance of an HVAC system is important to keep the long term operating costs down and to ensure the equipment has little or no down time.

The capital cost of a commercial HVAC system can be in the thousands of dollars and they are installed to keep working conditions comfortable for everybody in the building, employees, and customers are always thank full to have a comfortable environment to work and shop in.

Competition HVAC has a well stocked fleet of trucks and they are well equipped to install and repair Heating & Air Conditioning in the following categories.

!. Port Coquitlam Residential Heating & Air Conditioning

2. Port Coquitlam Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning

3. Port Coquitlam Industrial Heating & Air Conditioning

4. Port Coquitlam Transport Heating & Air Conditioning

This unique approach to maintaining an HVAC system truly is a win-win situation for everybody concerned.

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