Compare ProForm & Horizon Exercise Bike Features With This Home Fitness Guide

May 31, 2024

Are you looking for a new exercise bike for your home gym? Compare the main benefits of ProForm and Horizon – and see how they stack up with the SOLE Fitness bikes in this guide!

Whether you're kitting out a full gym or you just want a lightweight exercise bike for a quick cardio hit before work, this guide from SOLE Fitness is the perfect starting point. You can compare the best features of ProForm and Horizon bikes, and see how they measure up against the huge range of options from SOLE Fitness!

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ProForm Vs. Horizon

Around 55% of people regularly carry out cardio activities according to a recent study by Civic Science, and more consumers are looking for reliable information to help them find the best equipment, whether for building a home gym or as a standalone workout solution.

ProForm bikes are highlighted as a popular choice for tech-savvy customers looking for an immersive and interactive experience as they're designed with advanced technology and connectivity features    •including adjustable resistance, heart rate monitoring, touchscreens, and interactive training programs.

Horizon bikes appeal to those who are just starting their fitness journey or prefer a more straightforward approach to their training regimen. They boast user-friendly consoles and a space-saving design, making them ideal as an accessible option.

While ProForm offers its exclusive iFit platform for guided workouts, Horizon bikes are compatible with popular platforms like Peloton, providing users with the flexibility to explore various fitness ecosystems.

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The Case for SOLE

SOLE Fitness explains that both Horizon and ProForm are known for their ease of use - making them ideal for beginners - and both offer advanced technology, but SOLE may still be the best overall choice for all fitness levels.

SOLE Fitness presents its own line of exercise bikes as a middle ground between the two extremes. The SB700 caters to both indoor and outdoor cycling enthusiasts, offering a versatile experience, while the SB900 delivers a gym-quality ride with a strong flywheel. For those seeking an elegant and sleek design, the SB1200 combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

A spokesperson states: "When you're eyeing a ProForm bike, you're looking at a powerhouse of interactive training. On the flip side, Horizon bikes are like the friendly neighbor who's always there to support you. Alternatively, choosing SOLE means investing in a bike that not only stands the test of time but also enriches your workout experience with reliable performance."

An exercise bike is a great way to improve your fitness and get in the shape of your life.

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