Community-Driven Blockchain Asset Cybercrime Threat Intelligence Platform

Feb 16, 2024

Unsure of who you can trust when making purchases online? Worried about the threat of crypto hacking? Navigate the digital economy safely and enjoy peace of mind for all your blockchain business with blockquiry!

Worried about the threat of cybercrime to your crypto holdings? Have concerns about scammers when you're transacting online? What if there was a platform that let you track assets, verify addresses, and connect easily with law enforcement?

For the ultimate security solutions for the digital economy, check out blockquiry! More details at

Community Power

The platform harnesses the power of crowdsourcing intelligence for its user-friendly blockchain asset tracking services. The blockquiry site is a uniquely consumer-centric blockchain security solution, arming you with tools to spot and combat cybercrime. AI technology is used to detect fraud and enable instant incident reporting with real-time communications.

Consumers Not Corporations

The services are designed to help individuals like you who participate in the blockchain and wider internet-based economy. The blockquiry ethos focuses on the potential of community collaboration to enhance threat intelligence, prioritizing the needs of the individual consumer rather than commercial enterprises and government institutions.

Law Enforcement Engagement

Enjoy easy searching and investigation of cryptocurrency addresses, domain names, and images. You can engage with law enforcement, cyber law firms, and genuine crypto exchanges via the blockquiry directory, allowing for swift communications and rapid resolution and recovery from cybercrime incidents on the blockchain and in the e-commerce space.

Visual Explorer

A visual explorer tool swiftly and accurately traces your digital assets, retrieves transaction history data, and delivers snapshots of fund movement. This is augmented by blockquiry's alert function which gives you instant real-time notifications regarding assets and transactions. With timely alerts, you can save vital hours in pursuing and recovering compromised funds.

Easy Reporting

Other features include rapid incident reporting which connects multiple agencies to facilitate coordinated response efforts while reducing the strain on victims.

The Ultimate Anti-Fraud Resource

The blockquiry website also contains a host of informational articles with insights on how to spot and combat cybercrime in its many forms. With a steady stream of fresh content, you can find answers to your questions regarding asset security and limit the possibility of falling victim to online fraud or abuse.

How Can I Help?

The team is asking you to contribute by reporting any known malicious addresses and verifying genuine operators. Doing so helps other individuals avoid bad actors and scams, helps build the platform's knowledge base, and supports the wider community.

A spokesperson says, “We are deeply committed to developing tools that are not only useful but also genuinely needed by people. This commitment drives us to make a significant impact in the digital economy, aiming to enhance the safety and security of all its participants.”

Bolster your blockchain security with blockquiry!

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