Comfortable OTC Hearing Aids For Seniors: Shop Rechargeable BTE & CIC Models

Jun 17, 2024

Nano Hearing Aids (888-310-6266) is proud to be bringing seniors a new range of comfortable, practical and effective hearing aids that don’t require a prescription or a lot of money to buy.

Nano Hearing Aids now has a myriad of comfortable, rechargeable, nearly invisible, easy-to-use and affordable hearing aids made for seniors just like you.

Explore their convenient over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid solutions at

Nano, A Trusted Name In Hearing Aids

Joining Nano Hearing Aids’ long-trusted CIC Recharge and CIC Digital Recharge hearing aids is a new selection of comfortable behind-the-ear (BTE), completely-in-canal (CIC), in-the-ear (ITE) and receiver-in-canal (RIC) styles that are designed to help you improve your hearing in daily life.

Comfortable CIC Rechargeable Styles

Nano's shoppers love their CIC Recharge and CIC Digital Recharge hearing aids, which you can buy for a starting RRP of $297 and $397 respectively, shaving about $2000 off the standard price for prescription hearing aids.

Designed for comfort, convenience and affordability, these models are a fantastic choice. They are similar to Bluetooth earbuds, in that they come with a portable charging case and boast a nearly invisible design.

“From the moment I started using them, they have worked perfectly, better than advertised, and all for a hearing aid that was at least a thousand dollars cheaper than most models,” said one happy user of the CIC Recharge aids. “I also like the way it fits in my ear canal, so I’m the only one who knows I’m wearing one. I am very pleased with my Nano aids. They have made my life better and easier.”

Advanced New Hearing Technology

Not content to just rest on their laurels, Nano is pleased to be capitalizing on the innovative hearing technology that they first developed in these CIC Recharge and CIC Digital Recharge hearing aids, and using it to bring you a series of new models.

The hearing aid makers have now launched five new OTC hearing aid styles, which each possess a unique set of features, and which you can now pre-order on their website.

Their new styles, especially their higher end Audacity RIC aids, offer you features like Bluetooth integration for music streaming, taking phone calls and app control, personalized listening modes, new noise reduction technology, multidirectional microphones, and more.

An Affordable Solution For Seniors

Nano Hearing Aids is committed to helping seniors with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, just like you, reclaim their hearing and their social life.

Whatever your hearing aid needs are, they are sure you'll love their CIC Recharge, CIC Digital Recharge and new models, which all offer you a cost-effective way to hear more clearly without needing to get a prescription from an audiologist.

Their spokesperson said, “Nano Hearing Aids has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. We are passionate about enriching lives and helping you find an affordable solution to your hearing needs. We make hearing better and easier.”

Find out how Nano is making good hearing straightforward, comfortable and accessible at

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