Columbia, MD Lawyer Specializing In Daycare Sex Abuse Offer Free Case Assessment

Jan 8, 2024

If you’re uncertain about how to proceed after discovering your child has been sexually abused while at a daycare center, Abuse Guardian (+1-267-974-1069) offers free preliminary consultations.

Is your child suddenly afraid to go to the daycare center? Are you seeing drastic changes in their behavior? Do you suspect that they have been molested by daycare staff? This is undoubtedly a confusing and upsetting time. Rest assured, however, that Abuse Guardian is here to give you the trusted legal advice you need.

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You can book a preliminary case assessment to better understand if you can sue daycare workers and administrators. Consultation will be handled by Attorney Aaron Blank, Abuse Guardian’s designated advocate for Maryland and the managing partner at law firm Blank Kim.

The experienced lawyer can handle cases involving unwanted touching by daycare staff, as well as those involving sexual exploitation. He says that by suing daycare facilities, not only are perpetrators brought to justice, but the center itself may be forced to implement operational changes to prevent future abuse.


In theory, a daycare center is a place where you can entrust your children while you work. In practice, however, these facilities can be venues for sexual abuse because kids are isolated from their families. In 2017 alone, over 2,200 daycare providers were found to be abusing or neglecting children under their care; furthermore, 20% of perpetrators committed sexual abuse.

As Attorney Blank notes, though, proving culpability can be difficult since you only see the effects of child sex abuse — you never actually witnessed the abusive acts themselves. For this reason, hiring a lawyer experienced in this legal niche is crucial.

If you retain Attorney Blank’s services, you can expect end-to-end assistance, including:

  • Legal representation: From advising you about statutes of limitations to advocating for your rights in court, Attorney Blank and his team will take the lead.
  • Evidence gathering: This can entail interviewing witnesses or commissioning expert medical witnesses.
  • Negotiations: The goal of Attorney Blank is to get the highest possible compensation so you can cover the costs of psychotherapy and other necessary treatments for your child.
  • Non-legal support: The lawyer and his team can likewise refer you to therapists and support groups.

Attorney Blank says: “I understand the sensitive nature of daycare center sexual abuse. When you work with me, you’ll receive compassionate and discreet services. My goal is to help you find closure by bringing your child’s abuser to justice.”

When it comes to child sex abuse in daycare facilities, Attorney Blank goes above and beyond the call of duty to fight for your rights. Get in touch with him to begin your family’s journey toward healing.

Visit to book your legal consultation at no cost.

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