Collectible Greek God NFTs Membership Community Offers Long-Term Rewards

Jan 19, 2024

Join the Greek Mythology Club and mint Greek god NFTs to get your hands on some great long-term HODL rewards!

The Greek Mythology Club (G.M.C.) is the next big thing in the NFT space, and it's making waves for its creative approach to member benefits. You can get everything from crypto education to help you make smarter decisions to exclusive, luxury travel opportunities!

Register for FREE at and see what makes this the must-join community of 2024!

Tiers for days

When you join G.M.C. you can get exclusive rewards based on your membership tier, which begins at the Fish Club for holding one NFT and extends to the Kraken Club at the highest tier. Rewards range from Ethereum payouts on an up to bi-weekly basis to VIP events and luxury travel, such as Airbnb stays or yacht trips.

“One of the most significant issues with the NFT space is the prevalence of rug pulls, which exploit the lack of regulation to deceive and defraud unsuspecting participants,” explains a company spokesperson, referencing the surge in scams experienced throughout 2021 and 2022 - such as the Frosties NFT creators who were charged with fraud over a $1.1 million rug pull scam.

Start HODLing today

G.M.C. presents its community as an alternative, reputable option where the focus is on building the community and retaining NFTs. The team will be offering an initial set of 5,555 NFTs representing Greek gods, and the sustainability-driven model hopes to shift the focus from quick sales to long-term community growth.

In addition to HODL perks, G.M.C. will also reward you for expanding awareness of the community. If you actively promote the project across social media and help attract new members, you will receive VIP benefits, which include future NFT drops, early access to private token sales, and other exclusives.

From Greek gods to mythical creatures

Following the initial god-themed NFT collection, there will be subsequent releases centered around Greek goddesses and mythical creatures as part of a long-view, community-first approach.

The spokesperson adds: “The Greek Mythology Club has crafted a visionary solution to address the prevailing issues in the NFT and cryptocurrency space. It incentivizes the acquisition and retention of NFTs by enabling you to stack cryptocurrency by holding digital assets.”

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