Collectible Greek God NFT Community With Real-World Luxury Travel Packages

Jan 19, 2024

Want to be part of a growing NFT movement based on education, learning, and community growth? Don’t miss out on the Greek Mythology Club!

With the Greek Mythology Club (G.M.C.) you get rewarded for minting and holding onto Greek-god-themed NFTs, and helping the community to grow. What kind of rewards? How about Ethereum payouts, luxury travel, and even expert-led web3 courses?

Grab your seat now to learn more about the project:

Take your place in Mount Olympus

The initial Greek gods collection features prominent characters such as Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, Hermes, and Ares. Only 5,555 NFTs are available, each with its unique design and aesthetic - and future drops will include Greek goddesses and mythical creatures.

“The NFT and cryptocurrency space has witnessed a surge in problems that have left many enthusiasts wary of its inherent risks,” notes the G.M.C. team, explaining the importance of building an alternative. “Many projects in this space offer zero utility and zero passive rewards, leaving investors with no tangible benefits or incentives to hold onto their assets.”

Membership tiers for all experience levels

There are five membership tiers, beginning with the Fish Club for owners of at least 1 G.M.C. NFT. Fish Club benefits include access to ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions with founders, exclusive podcasts, and pre-recorded Web3 educational modules about NFTs and cryptocurrency - while you also receive up to monthly airdrops of Ethereum.

The next tier, the Dolphin Club, requires ownership of at least 5 NFTs. Dolphin members get all Fish Club benefits plus forex trading education tailored to beginners, further encouraging token holders to expand their involvement with the project.

At the 10-token Shark Club level, you gain access to exclusive group mentorship sessions with industry experts in addition to merchandise and other basic rewards, while for those with 20 or more NFTs, the Whale Club offers opportunities to collaborate on e-commerce store launches and other projects.

Finally, the most exclusive Kraken Club at 40+ tokens gives you VIP luxury travel packages, yacht trips, and Airbnb stays - in addition to exclusive VIP events, and expanded access to mentoring opportunities.

“This diversification not only ensures sustainability but also creates a long-term value proposition,” G.M.C. explains.

What more could you want from an NFT community?

If you want to be part of a disruptive NFT movement and grow alongside like-minded enthusiasts, the Greek Mythology Club is ideal!

Check out to start minting your NFTs!

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