Collectible Greek God & Apollo NFTs With Forex Training & Luxury Travel Rewards

Feb 2, 2024

Join the Greek Mythology Club today and build a stunning collection of Greek god-themed NFTs, which offer stacking rewards the longer you hold!

From Zeus and his mighty thunderbolt to Hades and his schemes, the Greek gods have been a big part of our lives for years – whether you grew up with Clash of the Titans, or just enjoyed watching the cross-pantheon showdown in the latest Thor movie (how about those goats?!). Whatever brought you to the world of myth, one thing's for certain – you don't want to miss this opportunity from Greek Mythology Cub – which offers HODL rewards for minting Greek god NFTs!

Grab your FREE seat to find out more about the disruptive opportunity!

It's HODL time

The goal, according to the G.M.C. team, is to incentivize holding assets as a way to cultivate a more wholesome and immersive community - and differentiate the project from the recent pump-and-dump schemes that have dominated the NFT community over recent years.

“We've seen a surge in problems that have left many enthusiasts wary of the risks with NFTs,” explains a company spokesperson, noting the importance of offering a different approach. “One of the most significant issues is the prevalence of industry scams and rug pulls, where unscrupulous actors exploit the lack of regulation to deceive participants.”

No threat of scams

Recent failures in the NFT space include the Iconics rug pull - where investors lost $140,000 - and the Frosties NFT project, where losses totaled $1.3 million. Contrasting this, the G.M.C. model incentivizes long-term holding of tokens to access escalating real-world utility.

It features five tiers of membership, beginning with the Fish Club upon obtaining one NFT, then escalating to the Dolphin Club at 5 NFTs, Shark Club at 10 NFTs, Whale Club at 20 NFTs, and the Kraken Club at 40 NFTs. Higher tiers confer additional advantages, with rewards starting with educational resources about cryptocurrency investing and foreign exchange trading - helping you make more informed financial decisions.

Stack more perks over time

As you accumulate more NFTs and rise to higher status levels in the community, further benefits include preferential access to future NFT mints, redeemable stays at Airbnb properties, and more.

In addition to receiving rewards for minting and holding GMC NFTs over time, you can access further benefits by actively contributing to the growth of the community.

Check out to join the club and start your collection!

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