Collaborative Branding 101: Why This Brand Agency Advocates For Collaboration

May 27, 2024

Improve your engagement rates on community platforms using a collaborative marketing approach. LO:LA, a digital marketing agency, recently just published a new blog on how collaborative branding can transform your business.

What makes stories so powerful? It’s not the words (though they help) or the characters (they help, too), but how they make us feel. The best stories make us feel­—whether that’s happy or sad or whatever emotion they want to make us feel. The same goes for branding. Rather than forcing your product or service down on your clients, it's far more effective to make them feel something instead.

Want to learn more about collaborative branding? Access LO:LA's (London : Los Angeles) latest piece on this emerging approach to branding at

Who is LO:LA?

LO:LA specializes in helping companies of all sizes across all industries create memorable brand experiences. Using a four-step process, it works with brands to create engaging campaigns, many of which have won awards such as the Davey Awards and Communicator Awards.

What is collaborative branding?

LO:LA describes collaborative branding as a customer-centric approach that empowers clients to take an active role in promoting their brand. Deviating from the traditional top-down strategy, collaborative branding emphasizes a proactive partnership that makes customers feel safe in contributing their ideas, experiences, and creativity to the overall marketing strategy.

"Collaborative branding is not just about transactions; it's about building lasting relationships. Engage with your customers regularly, not just when you need something from them," writes the author of the article. "Show genuine interest in their needs and feedback, and use this information to improve your offerings. By nurturing these relationships, you create a loyal customer base that feels genuinely connected to your brand."

One beautiful example of this is Glossier, a beauty brand that regularly asks for customer feedback. Glossier involves its clients at every step of its marketing process, so its content is always personalized.

A powerful strategy

In the new article, the team at LO:LA explains that authentic storytelling is the key to any collaborative branding strategy. Instead of simply stating what a product or service can do, brands are encouraged to list how their company can help others. They are encouraged to release tailored stories, articles, and other forms of content to make their target audience feel valued and recognized.

This is a subtle but powerful shift in strategy. Modern consumers no longer want to be told what to do or what to buy. Instead, they want to engage with genuine brands interested in helping them. Tell them the stories of your brand. Most importantly, make them feel good about using your company’s service!

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