Cochrane Mole Mapping: Monitoring Moles for Early Melanoma Skin Cancer Detection

Jul 10, 2024 (403-457-1900) offers comprehensive mole mapping services to Cochrane residents, including high-resolution digital imaging and detailed examinations using dermatoscopy when needed. Regular screenings help in the early detection of potentially fatal skin cancers such as melanoma.

The sad fact is skin cancer rates have been increasing every year in Canada. According to the Canadian Dermatology Association, 1 in 59 men and 1 in 73 women will develop the most deadly form of skin cancer, melanoma. wants you to know that you may be at risk if you’ve spent significant time outdoors. The good news is that timely identification and treatment can make a huge difference. In fact, melanoma has over a 95% cure rate when caught early, highlighting the importance of regular skin checks.

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Skin Cancer Mole Mapping For Early Detection is committed to identifying skin cancer in its earliest stages and the prevention of melanoma. That’s why they want you to come in to have your moles digitally tagged, mapped, and photographed. Mole mapping is especially important for those with a family history of skin cancer or an increased risk due to factors like frequent sunburns, fair skin, many moles, freckles, blue or green eyes, or blonde or red hair. believes that mole mapping is one of the most effective ways to monitor your skin for year-to-year changes. By performing this procedure, a board-certified dermatologist can identify suspicious moles that may require closer examination or biopsy.

How Mole Mapping Works

If you have concerns about your skin health, especially due to the risk factors mentioned above, consider scheduling a mole mapping appointment with a board-certified dermatologist. Mole mapping could save your life

At, trained health professionals with experience in dermatology will use the latest imaging technology to generate high-quality images of all your moles, mapped against their location on your body. These images are then assessed by Dr. Kenneth Alanen, a board-certified dermatologist, so that with each subsequent check-up even slight changes in shape, texture, elevation, size, colour, and more can be observed.

Same-Day Diagnostic and Preventive Procedures

If finds a suspicious mole, they will recommend a biopsy or removal. If feasible, this procedure may be done on the same day as your mapping appointment. During other treatments, such as cosmetic laser procedures, if something suspicious is noticed, CEO and Laser Treatment Specialist Ildikó Juhasz can refer you immediately to Dr. Alanen, a board-certified dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon. Laser treatments not only enhance your skin but can also help reduce cancer risk by removing precancerous lesions. No referrals are needed in this scenario, ensuring quick and efficient care for any potential skin cancer concerns.

“At our medical dermatology clinic, every effort is made for early detection of melanoma,” said a spokesperson for their team of board-accredited dermatologists. “While no technology or amount of medical training is 100% effective for early detection, we believe our approach—which combines authentic formal dermatology training, significant clinical experience and cutting-edge technology—represents the highest level of diagnostic expertise.” – Serving Cochrane with Expert Skin Cancer Care

Since 2008, has treated 120,000 patients and Dr. Kenneth Alanen has performed over 40,000 skin cancer surgeries in his career.

In addition to being one of the leading dermatology practices for skin cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, they are also well-known for non-surgical sun and skin damage rejuvenation treatments, acne treatments and treatments for hyperhidrosis, better known as excessive sweating.

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