CMSA’s Balinese-Style Flamingo House In Little Sarasota Bay Is On The Market

May 26, 2023

Looking for your perfect island dream home? Look no further than Sarasota, Florida, where CMSA Architects’ Flamingo House is on the market! Call them at 941-364-4600 today!

We all need to put aside some time to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, and nothing soothes the mind and body like a private island getaway. Surrounding yourself with nature is a great way to pass time. In fact, it’s probably one of the best ways to live!

Now, what if you could separate all the noise from your life and live in peaceful luxury on a quiet island retreat for the rest of your days?

Because you can, with CMSA Architects’ Flamingo House! Situated on a private island in Little Sarasota Bay and containing over 7,000 square feet of architectural ingenuity, The Flamingo House is the pinnacle of home design! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one!

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So, what’s so special about The Flamingo House? Many things! Having closely followed their client’s requests for a serene retreat that connects residents of the property with the island’s natural beauty, CMSA Architects aimed to evoke the sense of a tropical haven with the home’s terraced floor plan, which creates the illusion of the bay being close enough to touch. The residence’s overall appearance draws inspiration from traditional Balinese architecture with added aspects from the British West Indies, and its direct connection to water is characteristic of the Balinese style. It’s a taste of Bali right here in Florida!

The Flamingo House features many other highlights in its exquisite design, including Zen-inspired gardens, koi ponds, a swimming pool with a swim-up bar, and pool decks and pathways intended to appear as if they are floating. Many more water features are interspersed throughout the outdoor living spaces, which are accessible via bridges and stepping stones.

And if you think the outside of the home is impressive, wait till you see the inside. The interior of the house is very spacious, with two floors above a ground-level garage and storage areas; the first floor consists of a west-facing mother-in-law’s suite (which would give your mother-in-law a wonderful view of the sunset) and two south-facing guest suites, while the owner’s suite makes up the entire upper level. If you’re the owner, that’s an entire floor of, in CMSA Architects’ words, civilized comfort. That’s the very picture of luxury!

Despite its grand appearance (and boy, is it grand), the home was also designed to be practical, with the exterior materials, such as the sanded stucco finish and mahogany wood accents, being durable and easy to maintain. The entire house is built on a sturdy foundation of poured concrete and concrete blocks, and the windows and doors are carefully insulated.

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Also known as CMSA Scholz, Oswald & Shaffer, CMSA Architects specializes in new residential construction, custom-design renovations, waterfront properties, golf course development, and various types of commercial properties. The firm was founded in 1992 and has since become one of Southwest Florida’s most trusted organizations for architectural design.

A satisfied client said: “We enjoyed working with Cliff Scholz and his company. In the design process, Cliff listened to our ideas and what we wanted to achieve. He made sure the house we envisioned was what we got.”

There are many more testimonials where that came from. The people love CMSA Architects’ designs, and for good reason - when it comes to beauty within functionality, CMSA Architects is the best there is, and the amount of awards they’ve won over the years speaks for them.

There’s only one thing better than owning a CMSA-designed home: owning a CMSA-designed home on a private little island, with just you, your loved ones, and all of nature around you.

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