Claim Your Business ERTC Rebate Before The Deadline: Use This One-Minute Test

Jun 9, 2023

Did you have employees on the books during the pandemic? If so, you need to claim your ERC funding before the deadline or you could miss out on $26,000 per employee! Check if you qualify with ERC Scope today!

As a business owner, you may have been mystified by all the funding programs the government has launched, updated, and changed since the pandemic. Now, with the coming deadline for claiming Employee Retention Tax Credits, time is running out for submitting a claim. That’s why ERC Scope offers you a pre-qualification tool to help business owners like you quickly find out if they are eligible for rebates and how much funding they can claim.

This short 1-minute pre-qualification assessment will confirm whether your company is eligible for the government’s ERTC program. You will also get support for filing your claim from ERC Scope's team should you qualify.

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ERC Scope’s short assessment tool is part of the consultancy's drive to encourage business owners to take action as soon as possible to avoid missing the 2024 deadline for making an ERTC claim and losing out on funds they could be owed.

While almost all businesses struggled during the pandemic, there were several programs introduced by the US government intended to support owners during and after lockdowns. However, the large variety of mechanisms also made it difficult for business owners to determine which programs they qualified for and how much they could claim. In order to assist businesses in determining if they are owed tax credits, ERC Scope offers a simple yet efficient pre-qualification tool.

The consultancy explains that the deadline for claiming ERTC funding is set for 2024 and 2025 for claims related to 2020 and 2021, respectively. These deadlines, coupled with the fact that the claims process can take several weeks, make it vital for business owners like you to file their applications as soon as possible.

To expedite the process for you, ERC Scope’s 1-minute pre-qualification tool gives you an instant answer on whether you qualify to make a claim. The assessment takes into account several factors, such as the number of W-2 Full-Time Employees you had during the program’s qualification periods.

If you do qualify, you will receive comprehensive support in submitting your ERTC claim from ERC Scope’s team. The consultancy's certified specialists keep up-to-date with state-by-state requirements regarding the ERTC program, which also enables them to maximize the amount your business can receive.

A spokesperson for ERC Scope said, “You can take advantage of the ERC grant even if you already benefited from a PPP loan during Covid-19, so act now before the deadline comes.”

Find out you’re eligible for ERC funding and start your claim process today with ERC Scope!

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