Claim Covid Tax Credits For Non-Profits In 2024 Expert CPA Assessment

Feb 1, 2024

Did you know you can still apply for the Employee Retention Tax Credit? But hurry – there’s talk of the deadline being changed. Talk to ERTC Express today!

The Employee Retention Tax Credit is in the news again, but this time because they might be moving the deadline – and not in a good way! If you want to make sure you don't miss out on the ERTC funds you're owed, let ERTC Express create an audit-proof claim for you!

It’s not too late to apply! Talk to the team at ERTC Express at and see what you could be owed!

Request a review in just 15 minutes

Using the 15-Minute Refund program, offered exclusively through a single CPA firm, you can submit all the necessary documentation for accurate rebate calculation, with a time commitment of only 15 minutes. From there, ERTC Express will manage the entire claims process - and if successful, you can be awarded up to $26,000 per employee.

To qualify for the Employee Retention Tax Credit, you need to show revenue declines in 2020 or 2021 or shutdowns resulting from government health orders. The team at ERTC Express has assisted multiple businesses secure sizable six-figure rebates: for example, a Houston restaurant owner received a $400,000 credit, while the owner of a local Montessori school secured $175,000.

Let the experts handle everything

The ERTC filing process can be complicated, with detailed documentation and verification required - but ERTC Express simplifies everything through a fully managed service, so you only need to upload documents and information via a secure portal. The firm's experienced CPAs then handle all ERTC qualification calculations, filings, and follow-ups with the IRS.

The firm is currently offering its services on a contingency basis, meaning there are no upfront costs for you - and fees are only due if and when tax savings are realized for your business.

Don't miss the deadline

With fresh concerns over deadline changes, the firm anticipates a rush of applications - which could cause delays or issues with payment. ERTC Express encourages you to schedule a consultation as soon as possible to determine your rebate eligibility.

A spokesperson states: “We only specialize in maximizing Employee Retention Tax Credits for small business owners. You won’t find us preparing income taxes, compiling financial statements, or providing attestation services of any kind.”

If you’re confused by the ERTC, eligibility, and all the changing rules, you’re not alone. But ERTC Express is here to help!

Check out to make sure you get every penny you’re owed by the IRS!

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