Cincinnati Based Intercept Marketing, LLC Launches New “3 Growth Ideas” Program

Nov 25, 2016

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, business consulting company Intercept Marketing has launched a new program to benefit business owners. The “3 Growth Ideas” program is designed to address issues and provide solutions unique to each individual business.

Intercept Marketing, LLC (formerly Comtrex, LLC) has launched a new program to help business owners grow their businesses. Rick Barron, Chief Relationship Officer, will provide “3 Growth Ideas" to those business owners willing to engage in a thirty minute conference. The conference is free of charge.

The idea of the program is to offer helpful advice to business owners that is uniquely tailored to the needs, goals, and workings of their individual business, giving them an enormous advantage over the "one size fits all” marketing approach.

One of the problems the program hopes to address is the high failure rate of new businesses. reports that, according to the Small Business Administration, close to 66% of small businesses will survive their first 2 years. So this means that about a third of small businesses will fail within that 2 year period.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only about 50% of all new businesses survive 5 years or more, and over 70% will not make it past 10 years. This statistic shows that a more mature business has a better chance to survive.

To that end, one of the goals of the “3 Growth Ideas” program is to address a common reason for those high failure rates, by raising awareness of the all-too-common reliance on antiquated marketing methods that are no longer as effective as they were in years past.

Said company President Jim Eastman “We’re hoping our ‘3 Growth Ideas’ program will be an eye opening experience for business owners. Unfortunately, too many business owners today are still using ‘old-school’ marketing method that were very effective in the past, but are woefully ineffective in this modern age. We want our program to raise awareness of this issue.”

He added that “As a highly skilled business development consultant, our Chief Relationship Officer, Rick Barron, is uniquely qualified for the task.”

Those interested can find more information at:

Intercept Marketing, LLC can be contacted at:

270 Northland Blvd, Suite 209, Cincinnati, OH 45246 800-591-4764

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