Christian Author Presents Guide To Clean Mystery Novels For Discerning Readers!

Jun 17, 2024

Looking for fun, fresh, faith-centered mystery fiction? Christian author Betty Johansen reviews and discusses a list of clean, inspiring whodunit novels for your summer reading enjoyment.

If you're a Christian and a huge fan of the whodunit genre but are often disgusted by the content of mainstream fiction, you'll love Betty Johansen's summer reading guide!

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Betty's guide is for discerning Christian readers who wish to discover inspiring new reading material that is free from profanity or explicit content.

In conjunction with her own recently published titles, “Lilli’s Song” and “Hawaiian Wildflower,” the mystery author reviews titles from other Christian writers in the whodunit genre, including Terri Blackstock’s “Cape Refuge” series, and the Amish Village Mystery series by Vanetta Chapman.

Good, Clean Fun

A report published by Cambridge Scholars shows that the mystery genre within Christian fiction has a long and illustrious history, going back to 20th century writers like Dorothy Sayers and G.K. Chesterton. At the same time, Betty Johansen explains in her guide that many of today’s readers struggle to find books that have Christian content and are not full of expletives and pornography.

“Some of the mysteries being written these days are so packed with gore and foul language that I don’t even want to hear or read them, much less pay for them,” says Betty. “I decided what I’d really like to read is a good, solid Christian mystery - so I wrote some!”

Inspiring Content

For example, Johansen’s “Lilli’s Song” is the tale of a young woman who goes missing in the small town of Skyport, Texas. Blending mysterious UFO sightings with supernatural events, “Lilli’s Song” emphasizes themes of good, evil, and God’s omnipotent power.

“Hawaiian Wildflower,” also set in small-town Texas, is a murder mystery that explores themes of marriage, loyalty, seduction, commitment, and God’s faithfulness, as a married couple’s life is turned upside down one day when a beautiful stranger arrives in their community.

Faith-Based Themes

Other uplifting mystery books on Betty Johansen’s must-read list include the Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery series form Tamar Myers, and the “If I Run” series by Terri Blackstock. All titles have been vetted by Johansen for high-quality, faith-based content that reflects Christian values.

About Betty Johansen's “Lilli’s Song,” a satisfied reader says, “Johansen weaves together elements of suspense, faith, and the supernatural, keeping readers engaged throughout the story. For young readers familiar with Christian literature, Lilli’s Song offers a narrative with touches of drama and mystery.”

Stock up on high quality reading material this summer with help from Betty Johansen!

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