Choose Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings For Fast Recreational Center Construction

Mar 6, 2024

Building a new rec center for your community? Choose a pre-engineered steel building designed by full-service industry experts Reich Construction, LLC (301-550-0540.) As a preferred Butler Builder, they’ll bring your beautiful new recreational center in on time and within budget.

Community recreational centers are the hub of all kinds of activities. They're the place that introduces young children to the wide world of sports. They act as a socialization center for families. And they give older adults a place to go to maintain their fitness and enhance their friendship circles. Rec centers are important structures, which means building a new one comes with a range of considerations and all kinds of responsibility.

Instead of taking the old-fashioned route for your project, choose a customized pre-engineered steel building that can be up and running within months. Consult with the experts at Reich Construction, and let's deliver the rec center your community deserves. Get in touch now at


When you choose a pre-engineered steel recreation center built by Reich Construction, you're choosing a more cost-efficient, durable, and environmentally friendly option compared to traditional construction methods.

There's no need to worry about all the waste that comes with conventional construction processes, or contracted crews that come and go and leave their stuff behind, because Reich's pre-engineered steel buildings are manufactured at a plant and delivered to your site for instant construction by a skilled crew of experts.

The full-service team at Reich Construction LLC is here to transform the rec center you visualize into the real-life hub of activity your community will love for generations.


With most pre-engineered buildings, you'd need to secure your own permits, find the right architects, engineers, and designers, and figure out your own costing and budgeting. Reich Construction provides all these services for you thanks to their in-house teams of experts. By lending their 40 years of expertise to your recreational center, Reich helps you keep costs down while also contributing to a faster and healthier ROI.

“What distinguishes Reich Construction LLC is our ability to handle projects from beginning to end in the most efficient, cost-effective manner,” says Bruno Reich, Architect and CEO of Reich Construction. “Our local market knowledge paired with our superior design, engineering, and construction teams ensure you get a customized, fully functional recreational center built for success.”


The strength and durability that characterize steel are two key advantages the material brings to your project. Reich Construction LLC can create clean-span framing of up to 200,000 sq. ft. for flexible interior and exterior customization built to accommodate the activities you want to provide.

By choosing a pre-engineered steel building over traditional construction materials, you're assured a recreational center that is resistant to rot and won’t warp or decay. This not only contributes to its longevity but also keeps your maintenance costs down. Your rec center will be built to spec, but it can easily be adapted in the future to offer more space or increased utility should you want to accommodate more sports, or maybe a new entertainment area.

And here's a bonus: pre-engineered steel buildings are fully recyclable.


The engineers and architects at Reich Construction LLC. say that with any building project, the worst mistakes usually happen within the first phase, setting up a domino of failures and re-dos. Reich helps you avoid foundational errors by assessing your location and preparing accurate documents with the correct structural, zoning and code requirements. This prevents the mistakes while expediting approvals that could otherwise take months or even years.

In addition, the company's in-house budgeting team will provide accurate costing and budgeting, so you don't have to. And thanks to the strong relationship with suppliers they've developed over the years, you get the best prices on all your materials.

By providing an integrated approach to manufacturing and erecting pre-engineered steel buildings, Reich Construction LLC checks all the boxes that accompany your planning, and even a few extra boxes you might not have considered. (Those important elements which, if not addressed, can blow budgets and put projects on hold.)

Reich Construction LLC is here to ensure you get a brand-new community recreational center that meets a myriad of neighborly needs while also meeting your design, timeline, costing, and ROI goals.

Curious to know more about how Reich Construction LLC can turn your planning committee into the community's champions of vision and innovation? Get in touch now, at

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