Choose LA’s Premier Steel Door Manufacturer For Swing & Folding Doors

May 30, 2024

There’s nothing like sleek steel doors to elevate your home’s appearance. Bring the outdoors in and keep the elements out with a swinging or folding steel door system from LA’s premier provider Panda Windows & Doors (888-246-1651).

While traditionally ornate doors were once thought to exude luxury through complexity and added detail, it is the minimalist elegance that steel and glass doors convey that truly reflects a discerning level of sophisticated elegance and style. 

Find out how a steel and glass swinging or folding door from Panda Windows & Doors can elevate your LA home's wow factor - browse their minimal steel line at


In contemporary architectural design, the ‘less is more’ principle has gained much attention and popularity for its balance, grace, and utility. This minimalist approach values simplicity, clean lines, and functional beauty – characteristics steel and glass doors epitomize. Void of superfluous ornamentation, steel and glass swing and folding doors create a refined, sophisticated look that speaks volumes about a homeowner's discerning design eye.

At Panda Windows & Doors, this minimalist steel door design blends the inherent structural integrity and sustainability of steel with advanced thermally broken systems for protection against noise and all types of extreme weather.

Their incredible line of swing and folding steel doors come in panel sizes up to 42” wide and 144” tall for grand and seamless-looking indoor and outdoor transitions that will take your breath away.


Contrary to standard metal door systems that allow cold and heat to enter and escape interiors, thermally broken glass door systems include a high-density polyurethane insulator between the interior and the exterior of the glass, offering a slim and elegant profile that protects against heat and cold for better energy efficiency.

With a wide range of premium steel swing doors - also known as French or terrace doors - and folding steel doors - also called bi-fold or accordion doors - available in both in and out-swing configurations, Panda Windows & Doors is the premier provider of custom, ultra-minimalist systems for the luxury you seek.

Whether you're building a new home or looking to renovate your current home for added style without compromising on energy efficiencies, a steel door instantly brightens your spaces, making them look larger while injecting an elevated sense of modernity.

Here's what a spokesperson for Panda Windows & Doors wants you to know:

“Since the days of Frank Lloyd Wright, forward-thinking architects and designers have been incorporating steel glass doors and windows into their projects to create a seamless transition to the outdoors. We’re bringing that same design and technology to you, helping you make a bold home design statement with the sleek, crisp lines steel and glass offer.”


When manufacturing their steel doors, Panda uses top-quality steel that can be molded and rolled into any shape, offering you a near-limitless variety of design and configuration options.

The first step in this process is a grinding and sandblasting procedure that results in a flawless raw finish. Frames are then coated with a zinc metalizing spray to protect the steel from corrosion and scratches. You get a beautiful rust-proof door, improved sightlines, and the implicit grandeur these door designs impart.

The company fabricates every door system according to your exact design specifications, using state-of-the-art engineering for a remarkably durable door. Both swing doors and folding doors are built to maximize space when fully open while multi-point locking mechanisms provide a secure barrier against forced entry.

You can design your own door configuration and can choose from a variety of standard and custom finishes and color options to integrate flawlessly with your home's architecture.

A recent customer says, "Panda's sliding door systems are high quality and look fantastic. They move smoothly and are designed so well. We will be using them again and again. Five stars!"

Is it time you upgraded your home's aesthetic with a minimalist steel door system? Learn more about Panda Windows & Doors and download their lookbook at

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